It’s always easier said than done when it comes to rolling your customised cigarette. Even if you use the most authentic and vetted rolling papers from renowned brands, you will make a mess of the entire thing, if you do not know the right techniques.

Hence, it is imperative that you are rolling your stick up in a proper way and refrain from the customary mistakes that people end up committing.

Here are some of the mistakes that people at times, end up committing.

Mistake 1: Overstuffing your 4-inch white stick

The very first mistake that blokes, more so the beginners make while using cigarette rolling papers to prepare their stick is that they overstuff the smoke. As a smoker, you need to know the precise quantity of tobacco or herb that you need to fill up to prepare the right kind of smoke.

There are some, who would end up stuffing their stick out of the thought that if they do not overstuff it, the cigarette will have gaps within, in patches and that will stop them from having a smooth smoke, and they will not get the kick that they desire.

This is wrong! You need to know the difference between filling and stuffing.

Mistake 2: Not using a stubborn filter tip

The strength of hand-rolled cigarettes depends upon the stubbornness of the filter tip. Thus, while you purchase those glass filters, you must ensure that their tips are strong enough to support the entire roll adequately.

If the filter tip starts breaking or getting squeezed, the tobacco will come out, and you will get nowhere near enjoying a nice smoking and clouding session.

Mistake 3: Rushing as you roll it up

This is one of the most common blunders that the beginners make, and when they do so, it robs away all the fun of using even the best tobacco rolling papers in the making of customised cigarettes.

It is, after all, a time-consuming process. While you cut or grind the herbs, make sure that you do so finely. Similarly, as you roll up the cigarette using the filter, you need to be precise and articulate. More so, if you are a beginner, you need to keep cool and be as slow as possible, to make sure you do it perfectly.

Mistake 4: Not following the guidelines while starting

Being overconfident is a big mistake. Starting off with without knowing the appropriate way of how to roll up papers may land you in a serious problem. Not taking the help of the experts while rolling up cigarettes, at least to start with is another mistake.

The Final Verdict

Thus, now that you have realised the most common blunders that the smokers generally make while rolling up cigarettes, it is not at all difficult to keep them at bay.

Make sure you know the right way and take the help of a seasoned bloke before you try things out. And last but not least, opt for the best rolling papers as they will give you the best experience of rolling while starting up.

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The author owns a company that sells rolling tobacco papers for customised cigarettes. The author is also a blogger who writes on rolling papers and weeds and is followed by a large number of stoners.