Chances are that you have had diabetes warning signs, but have you noticed a lot of people around you who are experiencing the early symptoms of diabetes.

Most of the symptoms of diabetes is neither big nor self-disclosure. However, if you or anyone around you experience symptoms of diabetes, then the best idea can not ignore these signs. Never diabetes symptoms can be alleviated. Early signs of diabetes are associated with serious complications, especially if they are not properly taken care off.

Earlier signs of diabetes is established that the easier it is to treat diabetes. That is why it is said, that pr diabetes should be considered as an angel of destiny, because it provides another opportunity for diabetics to change your habits and change behaviors.

As diabetes is spreading the disease severity, the importance of the importance of proper diabetes symptoms. The good thing about this disease is that the tests must be done to prevent diabetes and to identify ways.

Unquenchable thirst and desire for water: It is obvious that a cup of tea or water after a natural desire to work. But there is always a feeling of thirst is a warning sign of diabetes. It is important to be careful when you think that the constant or inappeasable thirst for water, or when you think that you drink plenty of water, without doing any extra physical work. Be warned! Unquenchable thirst for water - a red signal, which indicates that your body is the accumulation of blood sugar, rather than converting it into energy.

When a person's blood glucose begins to fall, his body begins to reactions to increase your blood glucose levels. Hormones are produced that cause the accumulated glucose output from the liver. These hormones also produce some of the symptoms usually associated with hypoglycemia such as tremors. If the body can not replace the low blood glucose on their own (which can happen if the liver is stored in the blood supply was being depleted by, for example, vigorous exercise), and the person does not not recognize low blood sugar symptoms and not at the use of certain sugars, glucose levels will drop further. If it's small enough that a person can get confused, or even pass out.

Health care providers are often recommended to treat hypoglycemia if blood glucose is below 70 mg / dl. (Children and elderly people, however, recommended treatment levels may be higher.) Treatment usually involves consuming 15 grams of carbohydrates (in the amount of half a cup of fruit juice or regular soft drink, 3-4 glucose tablets, 1 tablespoon sugar, or 6 - 8 lifesavers), waiting about 15 minutes, then check your blood glucose with a meter to see if it has grown to a safe level. Some experts also recommend that you check your blood glucose again an hour after the last treatment to determine whether additional food is needed.

Hypoglycemia is that you can indulge commonly referred to as mild hypoglycaemia. If others should help you to get and use carbohydrates, you will generally be considered to have moderate hypoglycemia. Moderate hypoglycemia, your ability to communicate, to choose the right food, or realize that you need to do something to raise your blood glucose levels can be reduced. Severe hypoglycemia occurs when you lose consciousness, have seizures, or can not be awakened. Revive, something has to give you an injection of glucagon, a hormone that stimulates the release of glycogen, stored in the form of glucose from the liver, or emergency services should be called upon to give you intravenous glucose.

Excessive Urination: Usually diabetics feel the urge to drink plenty of water. Granted, that diabetic patients should take into account the water from the body into the form of urine. Diabetes, as well as send more water in the urine, high levels of glucose in the blood. Diabetics to get up a trip to the bathroom at night, it is an unpleasant experience.

Be warned! Once again, frequent urination is a warning sign of diabetes.

Extreme fatigue: fatigue, exhausted and tired after physical work is normal and the overall experience for everyone. However, if you feel tired for no reason, then it is a sure shot sign of diabetes. So feeling exhausted for no reason is a sign of diabetes.

Be warned! If you get up in the morning after a good night's sleep but still feel tired, then it is a warning sign of diabetes.

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