Did you ever feel unlucky, and things aren’t going your way?

Bad Luck or Evil Spell? What intentions have you set for your life? You may feel like so many people that you have missed the mark. You aim for a target and didn’t make it, not once but over and over, not knowing why the opportunities didn’t come your way. People say many times, I must be cursed for this to happen to me. Could it be true? Maybe you’ve been patient and have faith, but things seem to be unraveling instead of gelling the way you had intended. There seems to be blocks to your attaining that happiness to those desired goals. Or maybe you’ve said, I’ve done all I know. You’ve kept striving and yet you keep coming up with roadblocks to your goals and life dreams in out of the ordinary ways. So you try out other ways, because you know that something has to give and work for you. Below you will find some tips to start you in a positive direction.

You, like many others are not alone. I have worked with many clients who feel this way. Yet you don’t know what the problem is, but somewhere along the way there is a glitch in the works, that you can’t seem to correct. You’ve gone to many therapists, advisors, guru and the like, but the results haven’t been what you hoped would be the key to unlocking the turmoil. You know the answers are there somewhere, but you feel you can’t reach your mark.

I’ve assisted people solve problems in their lives with my diverse tool box for over 30 years in energy healing, natural health and wellness, life coaching, meditation, hypnotherapy, Spiritual healing, intuitive abilities, metaphysics, and energy psychology. From my work, which I am passionate about, the knowledge and life experiences I’ve acquired, time, and interest spent on traveling and learning, developing myself, and working with clients, I was guided and gifted with Inspiration with a very profound yet simple 7-step process to remove resistant troubling blocks that I will call curses. These dilemmas sent your way are picked up like a virus, or they can be self-imposed.

This 7step process came about when clients from around the U.S and globally would tell me they felt cursed, damned and unlucky. I never had a belief in curses or thought about it until I kept getting similar stories over time for people from all walks of life. The process I was given naturally evolved as I was open and receptive and became (IN Spired) from Spiritual guidance.

From my work, I have witnessed that people are ready and are understanding that they have the power to change their destiny more than ever before, where in the past the path was delegated to a priest or holy person to absolve you from a curse. In the past people felt they were not allowed or had no power to take charge of their life and remove a given or self-imposed curse for them selves. The time has come to bring this information forward into the world. This process will allow you the opportunity for the break through results you have been seeking in regards to unshakable stuck energies in your life.

This process is a total holistic approach to addressing the physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual levels of one’s being. Instead of going to others to give you what you think you need, now you can, and do have the power to do this for yourself. We are all sending and receiving signals whether we realize it or not. We don’t only catch colds we catch energy too. If you thought you were powerless then I want to clearly let you know you are powerful. All it takes is your decision to follow through on your actions. With all things in life it is your commitment that sets the force to be with you.

One very simple way to start is to allow your self the opportunity to come back from feelings of apathy, grief, fear, pride, and overwhelm. Great resistance is held within these problems to no satisfaction to remove a curse or any other problem. Another good start is to say these most powerful words: “I AM”: Say the word I, and then take a breath in, and as you exhale the breath say the word AM. Do this several times in a row and as often as possible during your day… and notice the difference for yourself. Your mind/body responds in a positive manner to these powerful words.

Too many of us think if it’s simple it doesn’t work. It’s quick fixes that rarely last. But the truth is the Universe, God, the Creator, works in ways that are simple, creative and dynamic. Because of individual free will, you are in charge of how long something will take to accomplish. Responsibility for your own actions in the 21 Century is required to create change and growth. Our logical minds and great advances in technology, lends us to think that it has to take years to work. We don’t want anything to take years to see results any longer. Time is advancing quickly and many are striving and working hard to keep up. Many times we make things much more complicated than they are. It doesn’t have to be hard at all.

Allow yourself to take charge, and let go! You can decide to have the results that will make the difference you have been searching, and striving to achieve.

YES, the dreams you want to come true are very important to experience. Keep on keeping on!

Author's Bio: 

Hello, I’m Linda Crane and I am the founder of Inner Gold LLC and Holistic Energy Dynamics. I was born in New York City, and spent much of my childhood in Brooklyn with my family. When I was a teen-ager, we moved to the Buffalo, New York area. From birth I was a natural intuitive, seer, healer and artist. My experiences were unusual and different than those of most children and adults around me; which lead to insights on more than the physical understanding of life. As a child no one could play hide and seek with me. I always knew where they were and could find objects wherever they were hidden. I was able to see on the energetic levels of vibration.

Throughout my life I have deepened and honed my natural skills and gifts by studying with some of the leading spiritual and holistic teachers in the world. As an ordained minister for 10 years I utilize my God given gifts and talents assisting in counseling and healing.

My life’s work began as a child intuitive as did my interests in herbs and nutrition. I now have an international practice bringing a lifetime of experience and training in the most effective integrative healing modalities.