It has never been an easy thing to accept the reality and then to prepare yourself to face it out. Screening for breast cancer is the first step towards awareness. When it comes to treatment, chemotherapy is one of the treatments a breast cancer patient has to endure. Like many other medicines and medical procedures chemotherapy also put some effects on the health and a patient has to deal with these courageously. Chemotherapy uses to destroy the tumor cells so it’s very essential. This treatment comes up with few challenges which can’t be avoided.

Short –term challenges:
As it has been discussed that chemotherapy is a procedure intended to kill the tumor cells but unfortunately in this struggle sometimes few healthy cells have also been destroyed in the procedure. This destruction can cause many of the side effects. These side effects vary actually. It depends upon the medicines been used in the procedure and other drugs to treat the breast cancer. Chemotherapy can make a patient feeling very tired and she also can lose her appetite. Weakness is another side effect a patient use to endure. Hair fall is a very common and emotionally most painful event for a woman. During this procedure bruises also seems to be a very much common issue in the patients. Apart from these side effects, some stomach related effects are also very much common like nausea and vomiting after the loss of appetite. The patient is given anti-nausea tables for easing the symptoms. These tablets can make the condition of the patient better enough otherwise feeling sick all the time is not an easy condition to deal with, though scientists are working to develop few new medicines to cope with this issue apart from the use of anti-nausea medicines.

The decrease in white blood cells is another very serious side effect of this procedure. These cells are called leucopenia. They actually work for strengthening immunity and without them, our body becomes prone to infections. Thanks to the modern technology which made it possible to deal with this issue. To control the decrease of these white blood cells an injection is available which works very effectively. It is very important to Screening for breast cancer, in short, to fix the problem in the beginning.

Long –term challenges:
Chemotherapy is a procedure in which very strong medicines are used to kill the tumor cells. As it has been discussed earlier that along with destroying unhealthy cells few healthy cells are also been destroyed which is really very dangerous thing. These damages can be in many forms.

• Damage to nerves. Some drugs used in the chemotherapy can damage the nerves of a patient. Impassiveness, prickly, or pain in different parts of the body is the result of nerve damages. These can be temporary as well as permanent.
• Memory complications. Chemotherapy can put some negative effects on the ability to think and concentrate. Many of the women feel this difficulty as they use to forget so many things happened in the past. It takes a few years to regain the memory fully.
• Acute fatigue. Fatigue and exhaustion are also one of the side effects of chemotherapy.
There are many other side effects a patient has tie deal with but the actual thing is to fix the issue before it takes place and even to stop- it if it happened already. Screening for breast cancer is the way out actually.

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