Zeltiq freezing fat is converted into solid by triglyceride in human fat at 5 65507 After-low temperature, triglyceride transforms from liquid to solid state, and dies after crystallization and aging. It is excreted through metabolism, and the body fat gradually decreases, thus achieving the effect of local lipolysis.

First of all, the abdominal or lumbar demarcation of the need for lipolysis, the freezing lipolysis instrument adhered to the skin surface, and subcutaneous tissue cooling to 5 degrees Celsius. An hour after the destruction of adipose tissue, the main component of adipocytes triglyceride will be premature aging, adipocytes die, two or three months after the necrosis of adipocytes with the metabolism of human body is discharged to achieve the effect of body building.

China's stem cell industry chain: upstream mature, and the middle and lower reaches are gradually expanding. China's stem cell industry chain can be divided into upstream (stem cell storage), upstream (stem cell proliferation and stem cell drug research and development), downstream (stem cytotherapy). The upstream is the most mature, most of the projects in the middle and lower reaches are in the experimental stage, and will gradually expand to the middle and lower reaches in the future. The main domestic companies involved in stem cytotherapy are Zhongyuan Xiehe, Guanhao Biology, Jinwei Medical Treatment, Beike Biology.

The theme of cytotherapy Investment: industry Fangxing, long-term concern; keen grasp, objective inspection. American biologist George Daley once said: If the 20th century is the era of drug treatment, then the 21st century is the era of cytotherapy. Biomedicine is bringing mankind one scientific breakthrough after another at an astonishing speed. Whether it is "tumor cell immunotherapy" using its own cells to fight cancer or "stem cytotherapy" using Laser Lipo Machine, it has hundreds of billions of dollars of market space, which represents an important direction of future medical development. However, the whole cytotherapy industry is still in the early stage of R&D and cultivation both at home and abroad. It needs a certain period of time to grow. We expect that it will be difficult to achieve large-scale industrialization in the short term and the performance of the related concept listed companies in China is relatively flat. Shen Wan's view on the investment of cytotherapy: industry development, long-term concern; investment strategy: keen grasp, objective review

There are many research and development stages of tumor cell immunotherapy. Tumor Cell Immunotherapy was named the top 10 breakthroughs of the year by Science magazine in 2013. There is a huge market space in the future. There are few products on the market today, but there are many products in research. Foreign pharmaceutical companies, such as Cade, Merck and Roche, have concentrated on the development of new drugs for cellular immunotherapy. Domestic listed companies involved in tumor cell immunotherapy are still in the cultivation period, the main companies are: Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals, Kaineng Environmental Protection, Yao Jipok, Guanhao Biology, Hejia shares, Haixin shares and Kangbei.

Stem cells, also known as "omnipotent cells" in biology, have the ability of self-renewal and multi-directional differentiation potential, and have the potential to regenerate various tissues and organs and human body; stem cells have a wide range of potential therapeutic fields, such as blood system diseases (such as leukemia), nervous system diseases (such as Parkinson's disease), and so on. Cardiovascular diseases (such as myocardial infarction), liver diseases (such as cirrhosis), endocrine diseases (such as diabetes) and so on, according to the forecast, stem cytotherapy market is expected to reach $400 billion in the future. There are about 9 kinds of stem cell drugs on the market in the world, of which Hearticellgram-AMI, Cuepistem, Cartistem and Prochymal from Canada are stem cell drugs in South Korea, and the rest are stem cell biologics. In China, the research and development of stem cell drugs is still in its early stage. CFDA has approved seven clinical trials of stem cell drugs, and most other stem cell projects are clinical trials carried out by medical institutions themselves. The clinical research and application of bone marrow stem cell transplantation in China is early and has been in the leading position in the world. Before that, the regulation was relaxed, but in 2012, the stem cell treatment industry was stopped to regulate and rectify. In 2013, the draft of "Management Measures for Clinical Stem Cell Experimental Research" was launched, and the industry will open up soon and enter a high speed. Standardize the development of new era.

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