Connectivity is a determining factor when massifying a message. One of the most useful tools to achieve this is Wi-Fi marketing.

Being connected brings us closer to the immediacy of events and events. The Wi-Fi marketing tries to communicate to potential users a message close to the point of transmission.

This is achieved by creating a coverage area with Wi-Fi technology, which will make various content available to people who have at hand any device such as cell phone, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, among others, with connection capability.

Here comes Trade Show Internet, a company that offers a reliable broadband service, which guarantees connectivity with Wi-Fi networks, at corporate events, outdoor activities. It works for any program administrator.

Developing any large-scale events to offer reliable internet is quite complex. The Trade Show Internet team has network engineers, as well as its physical equipment and quality Wi-Fi, guarantee success.

Its objective is to ensure that attendees can have temporary access to the network, at maximum speed, in any indoor environment or outdoors. That has robust connectivity that does not allow failures.

The company makes a complete map of the network, the application, and administration of hardware and broadband. They use the Connect service, exclusive for corporate meetings and sales training.

Their experience precedes them, the company is holding events since 2008 and has in its portfolio customers of the likes of Google, Facebook, Samsung, Github, Disney, Nintendo, Toyota and more.

In large musical events, awards and films, a secure IT service is used, which will allow the activity to run smoothly. In this way, it is possible to reach a broader audience.

In 2014, MTV's based on this connection system for their show, like the reality show Steve Harvey's funderdome.
Another one of the big markets, to connect at the moment, is that of fashion. The parades are highly media festivities. With just a photo or publication of an artist, you can generate additional sales for a brand, many millions of dollars.

For this to happen, it is necessary to share live content, which captures the most relevant moments on the catwalk.

Trade Show Internet, assumes the challenge of creating personalization in networks, days before the event so that once the walk of the models starts, tweets, videos, post, and photographs are generated.

The company has been structuring, since 2008, the construction of cable networks and internal Wi-Fi system in parades of this type.

In the parade of the designer Christian Dior, the engineers raffled rattlesnakes to carry out the excavations. This process allowed them to build three-foot trenches to put cat5 cables in Colinas de Calabaza, California.

That your event does not fail, there are no impossible for experts who have developed networks to locate on beaches, hotels, auditoriums, docks and TV studios.

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