It has been quite the summer here in Berkshire. Has your air conditioner been able to endure the test of time? Air conditioners in Berkshire deserve to be upgraded when the following things occur:

The air conditioner is old

Is the age of your air conditioner anywhere around 10-15 years? If so, I fear you need to replace it soon. It is not important if your air conditioner is currently running properly or not. The AC cannot serve eternally, and it is not advisable to push it beyond its limits.

You have to repair it frequently

Did you repair your air conditioner several times during the past few summers? There is some issue with it then. No fit air conditioner requires repairing too frequently. If it does, then it is a signal that you have to replace your air conditioner with a new one. You don’t want to suffer from unpredictable failures of an old unit.

The air conditioner does not cool adequately

Is your room still hot even after keeping the AC on for several minutes? Do you feel like no temperature, fan or swing configuration is not cooling your room enough? It indicates that your air conditioner is struggling to cool.

Weird Noises

Are weird noises from your air conditioner not letting you have a sound sleep? Air conditioners are supposed to e quiet and have a noise level of under 50 dba. If you hear deep, disturbing noises like thumping, rattling or even squealing, then you need help with fixing your air conditioner. It is high time you buy a new one.

Your electricity bills are getting unusually high
Have you noticed higher electricity bills for your air conditioning this summer? There might be some issue. You will have to address this problem without too much delay. An issue like this will only continue to deteriorate with time. If you require a more reliable air conditioning service and are unable to solve it through service, it means that the solution is a replacement.

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