You know you know it all.

That’s what your ego told you, right? If your ego is so right then why aren’t you living your dreams???

Why are you chasing money?

Why is your business stuck?

Why are you in debt with no end in sight?

Ok, time for a Quantum Reality Check (notice not we are not saying “reality check” because we are NOT talking about your ego’s perceived reality). This is where you shifting your perception creates miracles! Your ego thinks it knows it all because you have read it, heard it before … blah... blah... blah... but NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

When you surrender and tell your ego to take a hike it will allow you to be open to new opportunities that will be beyond what you have ever imagined before. You see you don’t know ANYTHING unless you are living it. You don’t know how to manifest money unless you have it.

Anyone that has an ego like this needs a Quantum Reality Check!

How do you shut up your ego?

Step 1: Acknowledge that you DON”T know it all.

Step 2: Accept where you are at no matter what. This means with all the debt and lack of money just accept it.

Step 3: Affirm that you are willing to change and do whatever it takes. (This will allow you to take a HUGE Quantum Leap).

Step 4: Find a mentor/group that can give you support and guidance.

Believe in Yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Heather Picken is "The Spirit Trainer" who helps spiritually minded entrepreneurs energetically align themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to magnetize money and clients easily and effortlessly. She is also an inspirational speaker, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life/ Prosperity Business Coach. She has over 13 years in integrating mind-body connection, Law of Attraction, intuition, and spiritual principles.

Heather is also founder of The Quantum Institute and Quantum Entrepreneur program. She is also a Best-Selling author of the book Body of Love: 57 Secrets In Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction. Heather has appeared on as a guest on many radio shows including one of the most popular in spiritual and personal growth, Hay House radio.

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