I have a kid and soon enough, he might just be as internet savvy as I am. Children these days are very quick to learn and their skills in adapting to technology seem to be faster than the Road Runner. I’m quite sure that most of you reading this right now have children too, or nephews and nieces who will need to be protected from the “evil” side of this technology and be guided in their internet usage.

We are all busy with our daily list of things-to-do so we need to ensure the kids’ safety on the web. Aside from the online security programs that we install on our computers, there are countless other ways to make sure that the young ones are able to maximize their learning on the net and at the same time, enjoy internet usage.

Perhaps I presumed right away that all of us are net savvy. There are actually other people who are not too familiar in using the net and their children are more familiar than them. This should not be the case. If the kids’ internet usage is more frequent than the adults’, you may need to catch up with them.

Meaning, you need to practice on how to navigate the web and familiarize the sites that they often visit. How do you expect yourself to monitor your kids’ internet usage if you yourself are not familiar with the technology? Once you are way ahead of the kids in terms of knowledge about the web, then you will be able to explain to them how they should use it properly for their benefit.

You must also teach them what sites to visit and where they could possibly find the information that they might need. Familiarity with the internet will show the young ones that they can’t fool you. You see, communication proves to be very important here. But don’t act as if you are prying to your kids’ personal lives too much.

You can always talk to them in a natural manner and get to know about what they are up to online. Another thing that you need to keep in mind, you have to practice what you preach. Let me be more specific here, if you have forbidden visits to porn sites, you have to make sure that you don’t visit these sites, too.

To get the best results from your kids’ internet usage, your presence is needed. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of misguided kids who are abusing internet usage. Don’t worry there are always solutions, I started with a few today. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss other means to a safer web browsing.

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