As we grow up we, well most of us, seem to turn into adults with adult outlooks. What I mean by this is that we tend to put up with what we have and settle for something less than we could have ~ if only we dared to dream.

What stops us, or someone you know well from stepping through our self imposed boundaries and finding they might disappear as if by magic? Maybe, just maybe it’s all down to what we choose to believe?

Our beliefs, of what we can and cannot achieve or what we deserve in life, formed through our experiences and those around us can hold us back from truly living out our passions and experiencing the wonders of life that is our birthright.

Our core beliefs are imprinted on us between the ages of 0 and 5 and some are wonderful and support our growth and who we are now. Some, however, are no longer appropriate, being no longer true. They may have been true to those who inadvertently imprinted them on us and reflected the time then, but times change and the world continues to change. Think back to those first calculators, computers or mobile telephones and how quickly they have developed. Sometimes we need to change our beliefs to enjoy this evolution. To embrace and use anything and everything available to us and follow our passion is, I believe, what we are put on this world for and make this world a better place for us and everyone else to enjoy.
Can we change our beliefs and realise our dreams ~ you bet!

That's what we do with NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy(tm) and was the spark that turned into the flame in me to create my 'Create Your Dreams' website.
You see, once we open our beliefs to being deserving of what we desire, we can begin the adventure of having and experiencing what we want for us and others in our lives.

I wonder what dreams (goals) you are holding back from yourself? What secret desires are you not sharing with yourself?

If you were to let go of those beliefs that have been holding you back it would mean you would have the freedom to dream and let your creative 'juices' flow. It doesn't mean you have to follow them and have the best of your life could be, it simply means you have the choice to make them the way you want them. Not allowing yourself to dream is to have no choice at all.

For those who are still a little worried remember...

A spark (your dreams) can be fanned into a bright and wonderful flame which never goes out and is always under control because you are the fan.

You may like to consider what would you aspire to do or have if you had the belief anything is possible or I deserve to follow my passion? And then allow yourself to dream...just dream.

I wouldn't want you not to achieve your dreams to quickly!
and when is now a good time to start.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Clough is a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with his two of his three sons Luke & Joseph Clough is a practicing therapist and coach ~ Someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk. .For more information call +44(0)1223 720 120 or to see free hypnosis and NLP learning videos and audio downloads