"Man's greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman" so writes Napoleon Hill in his iconic book, THINK & GROW RICH.
According to Hill, men who accumulate large fortunes, gain power and fame do so to satisfy their desire to please women. If this is so, you have to consider: If a guy's great desire is to please you, you have the power to make or break him. 
Are you making or breaking him in your romantic relationship?
It may (or may not) surprise you that men, despite all their toughness on the outside, are very sensitive inside. Men don't want to loose.  They don't want to fail. Men want to be heroes.  (Especially in your eyes.)
So you can make or break a man just by being who you are.
1.  Do You Take the Credit?

 Yes, it was your original idea...but somehow he's made it his own.
Do you insist on taking the credit?  Every time? If you do, that's fine. But realize when you take the credit, he doesn't feel like he's pleasing you.
He doesn't feel like you need him. 
And if a man doesn't feel like he's your hero, you BREAK him and your love story. You MAKE a man if you let him take the credit sometimes...even when you know you thought of it. (This is the way of an incredible ingenue!)
2.  Are You Responsive?
Do you follow his lead?  Listen to his plans?  Entertain his ideas?
He can surprise you with good ideas.  (Patience required.) A heroic man likes to do it his way...and please you at the same time.
If he wants your advice, he will ask for it. If he doesn't, he won't.
If what he offers won't kill you or doesn't go against your morals or ethics, will you go along? Even when you think your plan is better...can you do it his way?
When you are responsive to a man, you MAKE him.  When you're not, you BREAK him.
3.  Can You Influence Him?
Men don't often admit they are easily influenced by women because they want to be seen as the strong "Hero".
An intelligent "Ingenue" knows this.  An incredible ingenue knows exactly how to be a better woman while working easier as her man becomes a better man.
If you can influence your man (without directing him to do it your way) you MAKE him.
If you can't influence him to the point where he feels great about his ideas and what he can produce in the world, you BREAK him. 
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