Information that companies store on hard drives is not as secure as you think. The best way to avoid a security breach is to use a hard drive destruction service near me to ensure that confidential and highly sensitive data is uncompromising - including emails, invoices, budget numbers, and other internal documents. If you need Hard drive shredding near me, you can rely on Shred Monster to make sure your hard drive is disposed of properly.

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Deleting data is not enough, just because the information has been deleted from a hard drive does not mean that they are free of theft. This data can still be accessed by someone well versed in information retrieval, which can lead to a major security breach. The only way to ensure that your sensitive information cannot be accessed when the hard drive leaves your premises is to use secure hard disk corruption.

With Shred Monster's safe and confidential destruction services on your hard drive, we ensure that your hard drives are properly destroyed before being discarded. Shred Monster offers hard drive shredding for those times when you need your hard drives to stay in your storage until they are destroyed.

Our experienced staff comes directly to your business to retrieve your hard drives and destroy them right for you to see the process in action. We also provide a detailed destruction certificate showing the date and time of hard drive collection.

Shred Monster Hard Disk Destruction Equipment is designed to destroy your hard drives so data can never be recovered. Only physical destruction guarantees that your digital information is permanently destroyed. The irreversible destruction of your information on a hard drive can be accomplished with one of these effective processes:

Hard Disk Shredding - Our industrial fragmentation machines cut your hard drives into small pieces in several directions. The process completely destroys the plate, spindle, read/write arm and actuator, making it impossible to recover any of your information. If you have a solid drive, the process of destroying the flash controller and memory chips is destroyed, so the data can never be accessed again.

Crushing Hard Drives - Crushing means that the hard drive is placed in our manual crush where it bends and bursts the hard disk tray so that it is not possible to recover information from the tray again.

As part of our environmental management, Shred Monster is committed to ensuring that each hard drive is delivered to metal and electronics consumers for further processing. We only ship electronic waste to certified recycling partners that comply with federal and state regulations.

Therefore, you can rest without knowing that your information is safely disposed of. Whether you are a law firm, medical facility, financial organization, educational institution, housing or any type of small/medium business, you have a certificate of destruction the final step in the shredding process for full compliance with privacy laws such as HIPPA, HITECH, FACTA, and GLBA.

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