Does Anxiety Medication Actually Help With Anxiety: How To Fight Anxiety Attack

Frankly speaking, medications are not the best long term remedy for panic attack. Yes, they could alleviate the pain but it doesn't really cure the problem. We may call it as a matter of masking only. It is due to the fact that these medications in the form of drugs are just giving you relief at a limited time. Their promised cure does not last forever. The only thing that will remain forever is your daily expenses and your growing dependence to the drug itself.

In aiming for a long term or absolute healing of you panic attack problem you will certainly succeed if it is with the use of natural treatment rather than mere medications. Natural treatments have been proven to have successfully healed any person's anxiety and panic attack problems.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Follow all of these suggested treatments as example and you will certainly be healed.

• Eat fruits and green vegetables for they provide essential alkaline minerals.

• Drink a lot of pure water for you to be always hydrated.

• Eliminate irritants such as coffee, alcohol, white flour, sugar, and processed foods for they increase panic attack tendencies.

• Get enough protein to rebuild neurotransmitters.

• Take regular exercise to directly burn stress and anxiety.

• Give yourself some time to relax with the aid of massage, hot and cold shower and deep breathing.

See how simple and natural these long term solutions are? Not just that, they also give you enough space to make your lifestyle a lot healthier. This is totally good for people who have lost their healthy lifestyle due to lots of tasks. Of course, a person who is always tired and stressed at work but is lacking of complete rest and good sleep are the type of people greatly susceptible to this kind of dilemma. Panic attack may not be felt in a sudden way but it slowly gains so much panic. One panic attack that is waiting to burst out and ruin our social attachments. Yet, there is still a glimmer of hope left and this comes from the natural treatments shown above. You have cured your anxiety problem and you are introduced to a new healthy lifestyle at the same time, too.

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Panic attack symptoms usually last between 10 to 15 minutes. Though they vary, almost all of them have a fading quality. Try to look at the list of these symptoms and find out if you have any of them.

dizziness and disorientation;
vomiting, nausea and stomach upset;
feeling of unreality;
feeling of extreme paranoia;
shortness of breath or breathlessness;
headache and
chest pains, racing heartbeat and elevated heart rate

If you have experienced any of these signs several times, you are surely suffering from panic attack. But all of the above listed things are not the real cause of panic attack. The real cause of panic attack and anxiety is within our own system. All of those symptoms sprung from that cause and that is an unbalanced nervous system.

It is a normal effect especially to those people who live a modern type of lifestyle. Think of the many sleepless nights you might have spent. Plus the numerous times you have passed out wherein you could have had a chance to spend a day with complete rest and relaxation.

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We are just fortunate enough that all of these can be cured in a natural and fast way. The following natural remedies could actually work in as fast as 24 to 48 hours.

1. Stop eating or drinking any of these: coffee, refined sugar, white flour, fast foods, and hard alcohol.

2. Eat at least 5 to 10 servings of green vegetables and fruit each day.

3. Get enough protein to build neurotransmitters.

4. Take good fats to insulate the nerves and brain like: fish oils, flax oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

5. Relax deeply by having self massage, hot and cold showers and the likes.

6. Do deep abdominal breathing.

7. Exercise regularly to burn nervous energy and stress hormones in your blood.

8. Observe regular sleeping cycle.

These are just some of the many natural ways of treating these panic attack symptoms. Notice that all of them are simple and easy to follow but they are proven to have effective and immediate impact to a panic attack sufferer's recovery. So start making these things a habit and kiss anxiety and panic attack goodbye.

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No one can be sure what causes any form of anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is no different. Having said that, exciting research is being carried out all the time, and every day GAD is better understood - this better understanding may, in the future, help to prevent this condition from ever occurring in the first place in many people.

Here are what the leading experts believe to be the major causes of GAD:

Chemical Imbalances:

A growing number of doctors believer that chemical imbalances are the single biggest cause of generalized anxiety disorder. A large percentage of people who suffer from GAD have inconsistent levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters - serotonin and norepinephrine - are responsible for carrying messages to and from the various nerve endings.

If they're present in the wrong amounts they can cause someone to be much more likely to experience severe anxiety when compared to someone with correct levels of these neurotransmitters.

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Heredity is another potential cause of GAD that's undergoing considerable research. Many respected experts in the field believe that all forms of anxiety disorders may actually run in families.

There are already a number of respected studies that suggest a person is far more likely to develop GAD at some point in their lives if one of their direct relatives also has an anxiety disorder.

Lifestyle Factors:

The theory that lifestyle factors can cause GAD to develop is the least investigated, but it's also the theory that's gaining momentum quicker than any other.

This theory suggests that generalized anxiety disorder is a learned condition, rather than one that develops randomly, or through some other cause. Lifestyle factors such as parenting, childhood experiences, traumas, and bereavements all have the potential to contribute to the developing of GAD, according to this theory.

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Beating shyness is a challenge for thousands of people. Doing so can lead to a massive improvement in your personal and professional life. There are steps though, that you can take, for beating shyness, feeling more at ease in social situations and becoming more at ease with day to day life.

The first thing, is, if you have a big part or meeting to attend you can take steps to mentally prepare yourself. Sportsmen and many others will use visualisation ahead of important matches or events, where they rehearse how things are in their head, and imagine a successful outcome. This is both calming and confidence boosting and a useful tool as you go about beating shyness.

One aspect of being shy is that we become quite self-obsessed. Has the person we are talking to noticed we are sweating a little? Worries like that soon develop. One way to go about beating shyness is to really focus on the other person - the one you are talking to. If you focus on what they say and how they are acting, it will help. You will also have the valuable trait of being seen as a good listener, which should help people open up to you and allow more social interaction to be started by someone else - ideal for the shy!

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The third is try and take opportunities that I would call "low risk" to practice your social skills. Shopping offers these, when you are talking to cashiers or even in a queue. If it goes wrong, you won't be there for long, while striking up a good conversation is a big confidence boost.

While these ideas might help you on the way, in the longer run it will need a more fundamental attack at the root causes of your anxiety to provide a truly effective method of beating shyness.

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