Laser pigmentation removal is a widely used method for treating skin pigmentation disorders in Singapore. For this procedure, your dermatologist will use a laser to target the pigmentation lesions, and break them up, so it is easy for your skin to get rid of them and heal, leaving the affected area smooth and blemish-free.

But does laser pigmentation removal really work in Singapore? We've explored instances where this procedure is recommendable to help you know whether it really works. We've also been keen to touch on a few factors that may affect its effectiveness. Let's give it a whirl.

When and Where Should You Go for Laser Pigmentation Removal in Singapore?

To begin with, our body systems work very differently, so there is no one method fits all when it comes to removing skin pigmentation. This disorder varies considerably between individuals and depending on your condition; there are instances when your doctor may not recommend laser pigmentation removal or not.

Before thinking about using this procedure, your very first step should be to book a consultation with a certified dermatologist. They will assess your condition thoroughly and only recommend laser pigmentation removal if you're having any of these skin conditions;

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Flat pigmented birthmarks
  • Sun Spots
  • Age spots.

Factors that May Affect the Effectiveness of Laser Pigmentation Removal

In our years of experience treating skin pigmentation disorders in Singapore, our skincare clinics have successfully treated different skin pigmentation types and one of the procedures that have stood out is the laser pigmentation removal. Now, the effectiveness of this procedure is not the same across all patients. Two core factors mainly influence this: if any of them doesn't go as planned or as advised, the chances of seeing the results you desire are very limited.

These factors are;

  • Diagnosis

The onus is on your doctor to correctly diagnose your skin condition. This is crucial because different skin types react to sun exposure in different ways, thus requiring specialized treatment. Besides, the pigmentation removal option that the doctor will choose will depend on the specific skin pigmentation condition to be treated.

Here's a twist; most patients believe that qualified doctors will identify their skin conditions outright. This is not really the case because there are situations where a patient may have mixed pigmentation on his/her face. 

Our doctors do strong diagnoses to avoid possible risks of using wrong pigmentation treatment methods. A strong diagnosis also makes it easy to advise the patient on the right treatment to choose, the results to expect, costs, and the number of sessions they'll have to attend.

Here are some of the pigmentation conditions prevalent among patients in Singapore;

  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Sun Spots/Solar Lentigo
  • Pigmentation Bumps
  • Horis Naevus
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Compliance to Pre-care and Aftercare Guidelines during Laser Pigmentation Removal Procedure

After diagnosis and the doctor have ascertained that laser pigmentation removal is right for you, they will give you guidelines to stick to in preparation for the procedure and after the process. Some of these recommendations would be to avoid certain skin lightening products or use some, for example, sunscreen for sun protection before or after the treatment.

You must adhere to the doctor's guidelines for the pigmentation treatment to be a success, or for the condition to improve after treatment. Failure to comply may lead to the pigmentation recurring or even getting worse after the treatment as the skin could now be even more sensitive to the sun. Even if you think that you're fully healed, don't overlook the doctor's post-care advice to avoid a possible relapse.

Best Skin Pigmentation Removal Clinics in Singapore

If you wish to clear pigmentation spots or patches on any part of your skin, you must get a qualified doctor to treat your condition. To find a qualified doctor, you will have to do a bit of background research before choosing a facility to visit. Here are a few factors that should help you with the selection process.

  • Specialization

The first step is to check to ensure that the doctor has experience removing pigmentations. It may not be easy to confirm this, but a quick search on how long the facility has been in operation and its reputation in the area should give you a hint on whether they have experienced dermatologists or not.

It is also recommendable that for further assurance; you ask the doctor to show you a portfolio of their past work. You may ask the doctor to show you their photo album of before, and after procedures so you have an idea about their success rates.

  • The Pigmentation Removal Technology

The latest pigmentation removal technologies are useful for this procedure that they don't guarantee you quality work. Therefore, a good laser pigmentation removal facility will not market their technologies but the clinical skills they bring to the table.

Wrapping Up

Laser pigmentation removal works, but the success of clearing stubborn skin pigmentation relies on your doctor's skills. Always do some background research and stick to the dermatologist's guidelines, so it is easy to treat the disorder and avoid possible reoccurrences.

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