"Does love really exist?"

For the purpose of answering this question, let's assume that one day we will all live in a perfect world; in such case, would "love" exist there?

“Love” is an imperfect human notion. It is an emotion that is a comparative value that we place on something (or someone) when compared to something (or someone) else less desirable. This comparison would not exist in a perfect world, where all people would be treated equally and everything provides the ultimate human experience.

On this earth, “love” is a way we measure the effect that outside stimuli have on us. The more something makes us happy, the more we love it. Love cannot be part of a true perfect reality, because it is not something that lasts, nor is it something that we can experience with one or more of our five senses.

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Although we can enjoy what we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste, the experience that our senses provide us is not actually “love.” In our imperfect state, love is the measure of the effectiveness of our senses to react with our environment to bring us happiness.

If we love something, then it follows that we must hate something else (as a measure by which we devalue something in comparison). Because “hate” could not exist in a perfect world, then “love” could not exist there either.

Through our current experience, we understand how hate produces negative emotions that throw our body out of balance and cause us unhappiness. When we hate, we experience something that is not part of who we really are or who we are striving to become. We do not feel comfortable hating something.

Stated again another way: We do not “like” (a softer word for love) an apple that tastes bad. The experience of biting into an apple that tastes bad is physically unpleasant and leads us to conclude that we “hate” the apple. It’s not much different in our experiences with each other. Some people make us feel comfortable and we “love” to be around them. Others make us feel uncomfortable, so we “hate” being around them.

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Although love seems to provide us with a great amount of joy here, the opposite effects of the feeling can also cause us a great amount of misery. Although love seems to be a natural and beautiful expression of feelings in our imperfect world, when considered honestly, it is the value we place upon it that causes most of our emotional problems.

Most of our mental frustrations are a cause of being disappointed by someone or something we value (love) or of losing personal value we once received from others. It is a known fact that many people who thought they were once “in love” with each other can develop a “hate” for one another that is just as strong as the “love” they once shared.

My view, therefore, is that love does not really exist, other than as an experience of an imperfect, mortal life.

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Sunil Rajpal