I don’t believe in Common Sense any more. By definition, Common Sense is the sense that the majority of people use, the sense that is common among people. When I look around and see the “sense” everyone is applying, I want none of it.

It doesn’t make sense to live on a diet of high sugar and high fat foods, have a sedentary lifestyle and then wonder why we have such a problem with obesity. Who would have thought that eating foods and drinking fluids that are high in energy while doing no exercise could make you fat?! Quick let’s sue someone because they should have warned us.

Warning labels don’t make sense. Surely you don’t need to have the label “Warning: May contain nuts” on a bag of mixed nuts, yet it exists. Common sense doesn’t exist for people to know that it has nuts in it. Any more than Fruit ‘n Nut chocolate has the same warning on it. Who would’ve thought Fruit ‘n Nut chocolate actually had fruit and nuts in it!!

It is not just at an individual level that common sense has taken a holiday. It seems that on a government and corporate level our common sense has also failed us. As I write this, BP are struggling to fix the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. They are trying many things and using significant resources but still the oil is flowing into the ocean. Maybe they could be doing more, maybe they are doing everything they can, I don’t know but the footage in the media of the US Head of Homeland Security saying that BP are not doing enough and blaming them for not asking for help doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t you just get your resources there and fix the problem first?

There is always enough time for the blame game. I am sure that BP will be fined millions of dollars (that will probably not even be a blip on their profit and loss statements) but doesn’t it make sense to focus on fixing the problem first?

Scientists, politicians and individuals are also arguing over whether global warming and climate change actually exist. They have heated debates, conferences, summits and scientific data. At the end of the day, does it matter? Even with facts that prove water levels are rising, African Mosquito zones are rising higher, holes have appeared in the ozone later, does it really matter? Doesn’t it make senses not to pump chemicals into the environment? Doesn’t it make sense to conserve our resources? Doesn’t it make sense to not leave our personal and corporate rubbish just lying around?

When we send shuttles and rockets in to space, doesn’t it make sense to bring as much of our refuse back with us rather than just jettisoning it out into space? The same way it makes sense to not throw rubbish out of the car window, doesn’t it make sense for companies not to just pump gasses and solid waste into the environment without minimising it?

Are we really arguing that it’s ok for us to spray chemicals on our fruit and vegetables, have two (if not three) layers of packaging on each item in our store, not consider the long term impact of our continual mining and dredging? Doesn’t it make sense for us to look at improving the sustainability of our lifestyles? I simply can’t believe in common sense.

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