In the busy world where both the mother and father are working full time for the day-to-day family needs, mobile apps are actively solving the problem for parents. Before the advancements in mobile apps, parents hired babysitters through references. Or they would search the internet and verify the profiles on their own to choose the most trusted babysitter or nannies who could take care of their babies. In contrast, mobile apps offer a complete platform where parents can scroll through multiple Babysitter or Nanny profiles and book them from their smartphones directly. This is advantageous for both parents and babysitters.

Entrepreneurs are planning Babysitting booking app development after experiencing the boom in the mobile apps market, where industries are shifting their operations to online platforms. But, before actually laying out the blueprints of a mobile app, why not study important features to integrate in a Babysitting and Nanny Finder app? Without any further ado, let's get straight to the features.

Features of Babysitting Booking mobile app

The list of features can be very large if we cover all the features. But we can mention general features that your babysitting mobile app must have in the first place. Here is the list.

A flexible process for login

An app must have a smooth log process in the first place. It is critical since so many users uninstall an app when the login or registration process is complex. You have to make sure that you provide social media login process so that your users do not have to manually fill in the information. It consumes time and increases the bounce rate from the app.

Manage bookings

Both the parents and babysitters have to manage bookings which is why the option of managing bookings becomes critical. While building the manage bookings feature, make sure that the process of organized. Also, provide the option to sort and filter the complete list of bookings with past records. If a babysitter and parent communicated before, the bookings should immediately pop us.

Texting and calling

The advancements in technology have bought the world closer. You can call or text people from the other side of the world. Why not provide the same n your babysitting mobile app? The feature of texting must have an appealing and organized User interface, just like messaging platforms. Similarly, the calling function might include video calling options that adjust its setting to a smooth communication experience.

Review and ratings

Review and ratings assist customers in selecting the best available services that highly meet their requirements. You can make the review and ratings open-ended. It means that parents and babysitters both can write their experiences. One as a service provider and the other as the service taker. You can also let users post videos and pictures so that they can share their experiences and other people can communicate.

Integrating the feature of the map

Directions are another integral part of the majority of apps, and babysitting apps must have them. Babysitters need directions to reach the houses of their parents. The right integration of maps will save their time and effort in reaching the houses of service takers.

Payment modes

Since everything is shifting online, another feature of babysitting is the payment model. A babysitting app must have multiple payment options allowing service takers and providers to settle the charges. Ensure that you add the most popular payment channels so that users can choose whatever mode they prefer and use.

Ending words

The above article consists most important features to add to a Babysitting and Nanny Finder mobile app. As an entrepreneur, before laying down the blueprints for your mobile app, ensure that you prepare your feature list. Once your feature list is finalized, we strongly recommend you contact Babysitting booking app development agency and create a strong platform.

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