Using a calendar to organize your life and keep track of the many appointments you have to keep is an obvious thing to do. What’s not quite so obvious, however, is choosing to create personalized calendars, meaning that every time you go to check a date, you’ll also get to look at a favorite photograph.

Go into almost any house in the country and the chances are that you’ll find one or more photo calendars hung up on walls, sat on desks or attached to fridges. There’s a very simple reason for this, and that is that, even in this age of multimedia devices and broadband interconnectedness, simple calendars do a particular job better than anything else yet devised. If you want to note down a selection of important dates at the beginning of the year – dates such as birthdays and anniversaries for example – then doing so is the work of a couple of minutes, as you leaf through the pages jotting down the relevant information. As time goes by and other dates become important, dates such as medical appointments or school holidays, then adding them takes a matter of seconds, as does checking at the beginning of a day if there’s anything which you need to remember.

Despite this guaranteed functionality, however, there is one area in which the vast majority of calendars fall down and that’s what they look like. Almost without exception they are dull, tedious and predictable which, since, you’re going to put it on display in your house and look at it every day, seems ridiculous. The answer to this is to make personalized calendars. Making your own calendar might once have seemed like a ridiculous suggestion, but the flexibility of digital technology has made it into and incredibly easy option. When making personalized photo calendars, most people like to gather together images from their own collection of digital photographs which are based around a certain theme – family life, say, or ‘holidays in the sun’. Either that, or you may just wish to bring together a dozen or so disparate favorite images.

Once you’ve decided on the photographs which you want to use, you just have to upload them to the website of your choice. The software you’ll find there has been designed with the absolute beginner in mind. Even if you’ve no experience whatsoever of either working with computers or graphic design, you’ll be led through the process one simple logical step at a time, laying out the pages, pre highlighting certain important dates and selecting features such as the overall visual look and even the month on which the calendar starts.

A calendar isn’t the only item which can now be totally remade in your own image and to your personal design. You can select individual photographs and have them turned into canvas photo prints, for example, thus creating works of art to rival the canvas prints on the walls of galleries and photographers studios. What’s more, when it comes to the simple task of organizing your photographs and keeping them safe but accessible, personalized photo albums created online do the job to a whole new level of excellence.

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Personalized photo objects like these also make fantastic gifts for all occasions, whether you create quirky photo calendars to hand out as novelty items or stunning canvas photo prints which allow you to give the gift of original art at a fraction of the usual price.