Don’t do it!

This will save you a lot of humiliation and rejection if you just read this first.

Because women talk. And they’ll talk about how you tried to pick up on them to their friends, and if you have the same circle of friends that could mean somewhat of a disaster.

Hot Women.

They’re almost like a different species.

You know they’re hard to get.

You know they’ll almost always reject you.

And almost always they’ll have an army of guys trying to pick up on them.

The average woman gets hit on (asked out) about 3-4 times a day if she’s living in a big city. Now imagine a very attractive woman, she gets flirted with maybe 10 times a day as she goes on about her business.

Early morning commute to work there will be one or two guys being clever and start a conversation with her – she knows why.

At work there is always THAT guy who drops by her cubicle and plays suave with her – often times it’s her boss.

On her way home from work – same thing.

And of course she gets the usual flirt texts from the guys on her phone and facebook.

That’s just the way life is for her.

So suppose you already have a hot friend whom you fancy. I won’t be talking about approaching hot women, I’m talking about a friend who you already thought about asking out.

And you’ve thought about all the ways you’ll romance her or shower her with attention leading up to the point where you ask her out.

You’re probably in for a bit of a heart-ache.

You see, a very attractive woman classifies all the guys who have ever asked her out in one category. The “uninteresting” category, with the exception of those few guys he did give a chance to.

In her mind, if you’re a friend, you’re in a different category. A category where she doesn’t have her defense up against all those guys making a pass at her.

So if you suddenly start to make romantic or sexual advances toward her she’ll immediately get that “EW is that what you’ve been thinking about all along?!” feeling.

Of course then she goes and tells all her friends about it.


In her mind since you’ve earned her trust as a friend you’re in an emotionally closer space than most guys are.

You might think “But isn’t that all the more reasons why she would trust me as a boyfriend?”


The way she thinks is “OK so you’re just like the other guys. That was your intention all along and you tried to sneak your way into my pants.”

That’s how it goes.

But if you get a specific type of signal repeatedly from her, you’re good to go in asking her out on a date.

What’s that signal?

It’s what I call “Affection Through Words”.

It won’t happen too often, maybe once or twice and then it’ll be a while before she gives it to you again.

She talks about you two doing something together where you can’t tell if she meant it in a romantic way or casual way – that’s the sweet spot. Then you’re ok to take just one step further.

Note that Affection Through Words is not “Aw you’re cute” or “You’re so sweet”. She says that to about every guy. It means nothing. It’s when she’s actually suggests plans with you that’s usually not common.

That’s her way of saying you should take it one-step further if you feel the same way.

That step is to flirt with her and see if she reciprocates – it’s also your way of checking if you’re right, then you can have the atmosphere of your “hangout” a little more romantic.

Get it?

So how do you know she’s DOESN’T see you as more than a friend?


She talks about all her guy problems with you. She talks about her boyfriend troubles. If she sees you as a potential mate she would usually stay away from always talking about her ex-boyfriend with you.
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