How many times have you asked for something and when you received that something you realized that is not really that important, that you could live without it? It starts like this: you have a thought and that thought is communicating to you that something wonderful will happen once you get that which you just thought about. It could have been an expensive pair of shoes, a car, a new apartment, some really cool friends, a new wife, a new cat, a mouse etc. And you just knew it then that once you will get that something you will really be happy. You kept complaining here and there about your life and how it feels so empty and how much you need a change, you need something to give meaning to your life. You fantasized, you hoped and you dreamed about that day when all things will change for you.

I often hear people talk about their unhappiness and how their whole life will change once they will get rich, once they will get somebody to love and appreciate them, once they will get their career moving to another level and so on. And once they get all those things they dreamed and hoped for, once they receive all those things that they thought will eventually change their lives and make them happy, they act like it's not really a big deal. They don’t even show some appreciation, some gratitude.

They get and they get and then wish for more and more and they never seem to really be satisfied. Where is the peace in more is better? If we continue living this way we will never be happy. We can’t just pretend that we are entitled to everything and when that everything is offered to us act like total ungrateful people because we just realized that we want more and that we can’t be satisfied with that which we just received.

Our happiness can never be found on the outside. We will never find it there. In order for us to be happy, in order for us to be at peace with ourselves and those around us, we have to look within. Your husband can’t make you happy, your wife can’t make you happy, your possessions can’t make you happy. We are just deluding ourselves into thinking that they will and we wait for things to happen in order for us to finally be fulfilled. We wait for people to show up in our lives knowing that they hold the key to our happiness. That's not how it works. They will make you happy for a while, I am not saying that they wouldn't but eventually you will go back to your initial state, feeling empty on the inside, lonely, confused and lost.

Maybe you should start considering being grateful for everything that life has offered you so far. Maybe you should start being grateful for the wonderful person that you truly are, for the wonderful people that are present in your life, the people that love you and appreciate you. Maybe you should start being grateful for all the wonderful things that you received from life, those things that you got for free. Those are your real treasures, those things that came to us for free, those things that can not be bought, like our body, our health, our mind. We take them for granted most of the time just because they were free and we put so much value on those things that can be bought with money. What happens if you loose a leg, or an arm? What happen if you loose your sight? That is when you truly realize what is valuable and what not. You fight with your partner over money, over things that are really superficial, you fight with your family and friends over things that 1 year from now will no longer matter to any of you, instead of appreciating every single moment you have with them. Nothing ever lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever but we prefer to act like this is not the case. You will leave them eventually. They will leave you. We will all leave this planet in the end and all the things we stressed and worried about will mean nothing to no one.
Decide to develop an attitude of gratitude, and decide to give thanks for everything that happens to you, for everyone that shows up in your life, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your present situation. Be grateful for your life.

Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Be grateful for everything and everybody and start showing your appreciation more often. Make it a habit to write down at least once a week that which you are grateful for. If you haven’t done this before you might not know that, the way it will make you feel is really spectacular. Expressing gratitude is one of the 12th activities that are scientifically proven to increase our level of happiness. It is a simple thing that will bring you great results. You have nothing to loose. It does not take that much energy or time and it will really improve the quality of your life. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace to our present and creates a vision for the future. "When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears." Anthony Robbins

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I am currently working toward my Business and Psychology Bachelor Degree and on writing my first book.

I have also started working on my blog where I write about ways to help people discover their purpose in life, about ways to live a happier and more meaningful life, how to boost their self esteem and self confidence and other ways to help them grow and improve their lives.

I am a writer, blogger, people builder, soul sculptor and a lover of life.