One of the efficient forms of blender used in mixing and blending granules and dry powder homogeneously is the double cone blender. This blender is widely used in pharma industries to blend free flowing solids. Its use has increased nowadays as the medicines are prepared with the combination of a number of medicinal ingredients. To mix the medicines in an effective way some high performing blending machines were introduced and one among them is the double cone blender. Many pharma companies have their own blending machines.

Buying this blender is not a difficult task. Today there are a lot of companies that are into blender and mixer manufacturing. Blenders and mixers of many size, shape and speed are available. Mostly solid particles of bulk density are blended in the units. Blending and mixing in specified proportions can be easily carried out in the double cone.

Double cone blenders are made up of type 316-stainless steel, with interior polished with sanitary finish. The exterior surface of the blender will be usually polished with 150 grit finish. This type of blender requires less maintenance. Efficient working at extremely low power makes it popular in the blending industry.

Materials to be blended are poured into the stomach of the double cone and are constantly intermixed for a complete blending. Normally it will take roughly 10 minutes for finishing the mixing and blending task. Time varies on the type of materials put for blending. Free flowing solid materials take less than 10 minutes to blend completely. Pharma companies who are into large scale production uses this blender as it can mix and blend materials of huge quantity. Other than the pharma industry, the blender is also used in chemical, cosmetic and food industry.

A double cone blender is cylindrical in shape with two conical frustums in either side of the cylinder. The conical frustum will have opening for filling materials and taking it out. The openings will be manually controlled using butterfly valves. The units are well protected using appropriate safety railings and safety interlocks. In the industry double cone blenders up to 1800 litre capacity is available. Electronic buttons on the blender helps in working it without much difficulty. Blender can be mounted on a sturdy stand with wheels. This help in moving it in different directions. Meanwhile, blender mounted on walls helps in saving space.

Some of salient features of double cones blenders include:-

Intensifier bars – The weight of the whole drum will be concentrated on the bars. The highly intensified bars assist in moving the drum to either side for proper blending.

Arial construction –Mounting blender on the wall saves room space.

Type 316 stainless steel parts- High quality stainless steel body is resistant to rust and dust.

Quality exterior and interior finish – Mirror finished interior surface and matt finished exterior surface gives it a stylish look.

Manually operated butterfly discharge valves – This helps in taking full control of mixing and blending. Materials will discharge only when you think the mixing has been over.

Fully integrated motors and controls- High capacity motors to ensure effective mixing and blending.

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