What's fashionable and what's not

Women love to dress up. Shopping is a hobby and accessorizing is a joy not understood by many especially men. However, even how much you'd love to wear that dress you saw on the window of one of those boutiques you walked by you know it might not look good on you. Some dress looks good and fit for you by why some of them don't? It feels kind of stressing when you badly want to dress up and yet you end up dressing bad.

Knowing your body shape

Well not anymore. It seems that dressing well is proportional to your knowledge of knowing whether you are dressing right according to your body shapes. You heard it before. And you'll be reading it again here: no two women can be the perfect mirror of each other even twins have their own differences and all women come in different shapes. So if you want to dress well and dress best, here's how you will be able to know your body shape.

The PEAR BODY shape women are those who have wider hips than their shoulders, rounded bottom and a well-defined waist. Their best assets are their flat stomach, shoulders and lower torso.

The WEDGE BODY shape women are those who have wider shoulders, broader chest and a narrow waist and hips. Their best assets are their long legs.

The RECTANGLE BODY shape women are those who are usually categorized as slim giving them the athletic look because of the almost similar width of their shoulders, hips and waist. Their best assets are their lean and long arms and legs.

The APPLE BODY shape women are wider than any other body types because of the weight collecting in the upper torso mostly. Their best assets are their legs.

The HOURGLASS BODY shape women or what they call the "curved women" has all the right curves in proportion with a tiny waist. Their best assets are their curves of course.

Dressing according to your shape
So now you have a better idea of what your body shape is. Your only task right now is to dress according to that shape of yours and flaunt your best assets for the world to see.

So here they are:

If you're a PEAR BODY woman you must:
• Try A-line skirts
• Wear pants and dresses wide
• Go for light colored tops and dark colored bottoms for the illusion of slimming down
• Even out proportions by showing off your arms
• Elongate your legs with pointy shoes

If you're a WEDGE BODY woman you must:
• Wear wide leg pants and full skirts
• Wearing bright bottoms is catchy
• Avoid spaghetti straps and boat neckline tops
• Wear clothing that accentuates your waist

If you're a RECTANGLE BODY woman you must:
• Wear scooped neck to create curves as well as collars, ruffles and details
• Create a lean long with a long jacket
• Wear colorful bottoms
• Wear dresses with cinches on the sides

If you're an APPLE BODY woman you must:
• Go for V-neck tops for a longer torso illusion
• Wear belts to accentuate your waist
• Conceal bulge by chic empire tops and dresses
• Wear flared and boot cut jeans or shorter skirts
• Go for monochromatic looks for mix and match

If you're an HOURGLASS BODY woman you must:
• Wear fitted dresses to flaunt off curves
• Try wearing belts whether wide or thin to accentuate your hourglass shape
• Put on wrap dresses
• Show off your hips with high-waist skirts
• Skinny jeans are in for you
• Simple styles and lightweight fabrics is best for you

Loving your shape

So now you know what it takes for you to be able to dress fashionably. The next time you visit those boutique, you will know exactly what dresses to look for and what to try on without skimping on fabric that is too loose or too tight. Remember: fashion is just a tool for you to be beautiful because you are already beautiful. In the same way that you study your make up techniques and choose what shade is right for your complexion so it should be with dressing up in style to look fashionable or simply go up on power dressing. Though you try to dress your best and impress, you should also consider that you're dressing up to make yourself comfortable.

All these tips and fashion information you have read would be for nothing anyway if you can't accept the shape you have right now. Many people have stressed too much on losing their weight just to get that perfect "hourglass" body they have always wanted. It's a good goal to keep but at the moment, loving your shape and doing the best of what you can with it would be the wisest thing that you can do. I do hope that tomorrow when you wake up and dress for work or just about any place you want to go, you'll find yourself better with the right pair of clothes to suit you and make your day.

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