No matter how seasoned a bloke you might be at the wheels, driving in a drizzle is always a different ball game. In fact, if you look at the statistics you will find quite a number of drivers meeting mishaps due to mistakes committed while driving in rain. Here on this page, we discuss some of the thumb rules that you should follow while driving in rain.

Wait Till Things Get Better!

The first and foremost lesson that a driving school in Melbourne like elsewhere would teach you is that, if it is pouring too heavily, do not drive. If you are in the middle of your journey, just pull over into a service road or the nearest parking bay and keep all the turn lights bleeping. Wait till the rain gets weaker and the visibility increases till you resume your journey.

Plan Ahead!!!

If you have rain in the weather forecast, you need to take that into stride while planning your journey. Plan ahead and plan in such a way, so that the waiting times and diversions due to traffic snarls can be accommodated in the schedule. The bottom line is that, make sure you do not have to press on the accelerator too hard to be on time. Remember, driving fast on wet surfaces can result in disaster.

Check the Car

It's another prelude of your journey during the rain. Check the headlights and the taillights, the wipers on our windshield, and off course the brakes so make sure they will deliver when needed. And yes! Do not forget to check the tyres. Make sure that the entire tread area is intact, the ribs, the tread block, the grooves, and the sipes are intact, and the shoulder is prominent and aligned. This will stop the tyre from skidding.

Drive Slow!

When you press on the accelerator, you will speed up! That's natural! But when the day is wet, that's not the right time to show your driving prowess. Respect the road and it will return that respect. Drive slowly. Start early so that you do not have to hurry!

Turn the Headlights on

Even if you are driving during the day, which is murky and misty, turn the headlights on. It will increase your visibility as well as make you visible to the traffic around you.

Keep a Safe Distance:

This is another important step that you must take. As per the driving lessons by the instructors in Melbourne driving schools, you must keep a safe distance, while you drive. Maintain the distance of multiple car lengths and do not stop suddenly by braking hard.

Do Not Brake Hard to Stop

Never do this in rain – for heaven's sake. It's the first lesson that the mentors will give. Heavy braking is never a good idea regardless of the conditions. More so, when it is raining heavily, braking to stop the car suddenly will only invite trouble. To avoid being rammed by the vehicle at your rear, slow down gradually, give proper light signals, pull over at one side and then stop, where you are allowed to.

Do Not Distract Yourself

Talking over the phone or to anyone while driving in rain is a strict NO-NO! Do not distract yourself when the condition demands extra caution and attention from your end. This will also help you keep a hard look on the road to avoid puddles.


Do not keep all the glasses tightly rolled up. The rain will increase humidity levels inside the car and make the windscreen blurry once the vapour collects on the glasses. Ventilate the car – keep at least one windows glass rolled down partially for exchange of air. Keep the AC off as you do not need it.

Author's Bio: 

The author Selim De La Masse Homsy, is an instructor of a driving school in Melbourne, offering comprehensive driving lessons. The author is also an avid blogger.