Do you love someone for whom you can do anything? Are you finding difficulty in impressing a girl? Are you shy to propose her? Don’t worry! It is the most common problems in young boys and girls. Men usually say that it is hard to impress a girl in case she is not like an open book. You are in a dilemma about the likes and dislikes of the girl you want to purpose. First of all, being a man you should be fit with a good physique. Although physical appearance should not be the first priority in love.Yet, it makes you more confident about yourself.

To impress a girl, you must have patience. Men are always impatient incase of relationships. Take your time to actually know your girl completely. Before impressing a girl, you must know her likes and dislikes. Remember do not flirt with other girls at the same time. This is very annoying for girls and puts a question mark on your character. Your personality is the most important factor to decide your fate. Girls usually like a pleasing personality which includes your physical appearance, talking style, attitude, behavior, and nature. If you are already in talking terms with girl, act maturely and smartly. You must be truly concerned for her problems and always be ready to help and support her. Also, dont try to be over protective. This is very irritating for a girl and can create a negative image. Give her space and time to reciprocate your love.

Girls are considered to be very sensitive.Therefore, make sure you don’t hurt her feeling in any way. Be gentle and polite. Men are desperate to have a physical relationship with the girl. This is what girls hate the most! Do not touch her without taking permission. Remember, she is not your possession. You should find if she is already in a relationship. If yes, do not try to barge in. Whenever you meet her dress smartly and make her comfortable. Girls love to feel special; surprise her with small gifts. Also don’t misinterpret her signs which make you feel that she also likes you. If you want to find out about her feelings, talk to closest friend of hers. Value a girl's opinion, her interests, encourage her to communicate, be interested in her personality rather than her looks and show respect for her as a person. It’s tough for a woman or girl to ignore a man who is impressed with her. If you really wish to impress her, tell her that you like her. Be enough confident about sharing what you feel for her. Te

ll her that you admire her. Do not wait so much and purpose her wholeheartedly. Go on try these tactics on your girl to make her your girlfriend!

If you are a fat looking man, don’t worry as girls are not only impressed with appearance but also your overall personality.Yet, here are some easy weight loss tips to make you look smarter and attractive. First of all, start exercising like running, swimming or join a gym. Eat a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, and salads. Banana is also beneficial in weight loss. Divide your meal in small portions throughout the day. Avoid food high in calories .Follow these steps and impress your girl confidently. Most importantly, be yourself!

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