Earn £60 per hour advising people on romance by Beth Shepherd THE relationship adviser and psychic online.

Hello and thank you for reading this article, I hope you find it rewarding and interesting. For many years I have been helping people with relationship and marriage problems, those who need insight into how to improve things, those needing to get past a break up,those needing understanding and strength, those who are lonely and cannot find a partner etc. The downside of being popular is that I am now very busy with telephone and email consultations, too busy to be able to keep up with them myself, and need people to work under me as caring, helpful, supportive and informative advisers and consultants.

The people I would select to work from home online, work part time or full time - within reason, part time is perfect for those who are in a full time post and happy with it already but need more and need it to be flexible, it may also be suitable for those who are carers or mothers or those not wishing to work full time. The work is very rewarding, interesting, helpful, caring, and each consultation is different. We have some lovely clients who are regulars that you may get to know and enjoy working with and helping. There is no travelling. No expense. This is not a franchise where you pay me something first, you get paid for each consultation you do on behalf of my websites.

The people I seek know about people, relationships, thinking, decisions, problem solving, pros and cons, and do not need advice on how to advise and understand others. The whole point of this is that you are helping me to help those who need help. You already know how to do this. You do not need experience of a paid post in this field and you could say it is very similar to working as an advice columnist or agony aunt only in some cases you will be speaking to the client on the phone.

We reply to everyone who contacts us in a informative and professional way. You will progress from here by going to the website and carefully reading and studying it. Get a good flavour of how we work and what we do, most of all what we need from staff members joining us. Your next step is to put together an informative and worthwhile email to us stating why we should consider employing you over the others who email us hoping to be offered this job. If you only send us a few sentences or just ask questions or tell us how much you care about people then sorry but we will not reply. We need people who are up to the task not just anyone who fancies working from home for a very high salary. We are happy to pay a high salary to those who deserve it and are good enough but this is not a job for those who would normally struggle to get a good job.

We hope that this will lead to a mutually beneficial meeting of the minds and a productive working relationship eventually.

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