We’re all aware of that moment called POP or Point of Purchase – a moment when the customer actually makes the decision to select one brand over other. As a salesperson, it s your job to influence the customer to pick a product with a good profit margin. However, in a retail environment you have to use a subtle marketing strategy.
For example, a card and gift store sells similar product from brand X, brand Y and brand Z (as it is almost impossible to concentrate on a single brand). Even if the store can earn a bigger profit margin by selling brand Y, they still can’t override a customer’s decision to buy a product from brand X or brand Z. If the customer feels that the salesperson is trying to influence their decision, he or she may flee to the next store and not come back.
How to be a good sales person in a retail environment!
Retailers must use a subtle marketing strategy. Put extra emphasis on store displays, posters, pamphlets and pop displays that will emphasize the brand you are trying promote. The positioning of product literature and displays can heavily influence buyer’s behavior. However, be sure the product stands up to its expectations and claims. Remember the old saying you can sheer a sheep many times but you can only skin it once. You want customers to come back, don’t try and retire on one sale.
Another way to guard against any unwanted situations is to practice good public relations. A good relationship with your customers can prevent tensions from getting out of hand. Public relations is little more then common sense practiced by professionals. With a little homework on the Internet a retailer can have a good strong PR campaign in place in a week or so.
Make them comfortable and they will buy?
Always greet your customers with a smile: Smiles are contagious and happy customers are contagious. It’s your job to turn a shopper into a buyer.
Provide enough space. If your customers feel comfortable they will stay longer. Most of the time, less is more. Remember the 80/20 rule. You make 80% of you money on the top 20% of your items. That bottom 20% or 30% is dead weight and costing you sales and money. Good retail point of sale systems can help weed out your slow selling items and let you invest your money in items that will create a higher turnover and better cash flow.
What every good sales person knows!
Once a customer has made a decision to buy, try to finalize the sale as quickly a possible so they can be on their way. No one likes standing in line to make a purchase. Design your store with a second counter that can be use during peek hours and install retail point of sale systems to help get the job done faster with more accuracy and control. There are some very easy to use and affordable POS systems available that will help with check out inventory and cash control. These retail point of sale systems are packed with the features needed to help make your store run better and be more profitable.
One big advantage small retailers have is the ability to provide personal service. Take the time to train your employees to represent your store positively. Make sure your customers get the assistance they deserve.
Remember, a goodbye is just the start of another hello. Doing the little thing right can put you ahead of your competition.

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