Boarding schools or residential schools are the school in which a student studies and lives simultaneously. These schools are available for the students who don't belong to the same city or place. All the boarding schools provide separate hostel buildings for the boys and the girls. These hostels must have excellent boarding and lodging facilities. Schools help a student to enhance himself physically and mentally but in a boarding school a student gets to grow his thinking ability and learn to react like a mature human being in difficult situations.

Boarding school's curriculum is always designed in keeping all the available time of the students in mind. Students can visit their home in holidays or weekends. But if a student decides to reside in the boarding itself then school always engages them in some or the other productive activity. The best boarding schools provides best facilities to the students such as spacious rooms in sharing so that students are never left alone, safe drinking water, hygienic food with different types of cuisine to match the taste of every student, activity room, medical room and an audio- visual room. The wardens of the hostels stay in the hostels for 24 hours to maintain the decorum of the place and for the safety of the students.

Boarding schools now aim at giving a homely environment to the students so that they can study with full dedication without thinking about something else. As the students of boarding schools learn to live and study independently and self – reliantly they are more ready for the challenges of further education and upcoming life. The residential campus environment ensures that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. It's a unique setting that promotes common experience, camaraderie, friendship, trust and honesty between children and adults.

Play schools are the schools where little kids are educated and are prepared for the following schooling education. The concept of play school is not very old in the country and a play school is meant to teach general etiquettes and general life's view to the kids who are about to put their steps in this complicated and competitive world. These schools are meant for the kids of age 1.8 years to 3 or 4 years. Play schools have lot to offer and these schools never aim at developing academic skills like reading and writing and there are no set goals or any stress of performance on the kids but the focus is on the sensory- motor development and the social development of the child.

Teachers of these schools are trained and hired for the job only when they are affectionate enough towards the kids. Play schools prepare children for their entry into formal school. These schools provide right toys to the kids that are appropriate to their stage of development. Play schools also teach children to recognize their own possessions. Soon a child will learn to identify his schoolbag, learn the mealtime routine that involves opening a lunchbox, folding a napkin and putting everything back after the meal is over and so on. Children are not born with these skills, they have to develop them.

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