Psychology is the science of behaviour. Educational Psychology is the branch of Psychology that studies the effect of human behaviour on education.
• Educational Psychology is a science. It deals with the study of an organized & systematic body of knowledge regarding the relation between human behaviour & the process of education. It employs empirical & objective methods & experiments to verify hypotheses & draw statistical inferences. It aims to understand & predict human behaviour relating to education using strict scientific methods & logical thinking.
• Educational Psychology is a social science. It studies human behaviour from a social perspective. It studies how the social behaviour of man is related to the process of education.
• Educational Psychology is a positive science. It deals with the study of behaviour as it is & not what it should be. This makes it different from normative sciences.
• Educational Psychology is an applied science. Not only does it study the theories of education but it seeks to find ways to apply this knowledge to the field of education. It is concerned with shaping human behaviour to optimize the education process.
The scope of Educational Psychology is vast. It is concerned with the following aspects of learning:
6. The learner. It studies how the personality of the learner effects his education. It covers the following topics –
• Human development.
• Interest & aptitude.
• Intelligence.
• Personality
• Mental & physical health of the learner.
7. The learning process. It involves studying –
• Memory
• Thinking
• Reasoning
• Problem solving
8. The learning environment. It studies how the environment affects learning.
9. The learning material & methods. It deals with the different methods of learning & their effectiveness. It also studies the material to be learnt & covers designing curriculums.
10. The teacher. Teachers play a vital role in a person’s education. Therefore, it is natural that Educational Psychology will study how a teacher affects the learner & the process of learning. Some of the topics under it are –
• Personality of a teacher
• Methods of teaching
• Personal qualities of a teacher
• Class discipline
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