Marketing is the full description of all steps and procedures required to lead to sales. These steps are particularly aimed at ensuring that what is delivered to the consumer satisfies consumer requirements with a profit. Marketing objectives and targets must be continually evaluated, competitors strategies identified and critically interpreted to develop ones that exceed them by far. In marketing papers like marketing essay and marketing research paper the aim is to investigate a problem in the market and provide a viable solution. Through research is required in order to facilitate substantial knowledge on the problem and accurate identification of the market niche. A marketing essay must be properly marketed to avoid effects of bad marketing.
Bad marketing in a marketing essay is characterized by poor company objectives. The objectives could be lack of profitability, low volume in the market share or production capacity utilization or even low sales rank in the market, lack of stability which includes low variance in profitability. The effects of poor company objectives are that they are never suitable, measurable, acceptable or motivating. Another effect of bad marketing on marketing essay is outdated competition strategies. The outdated competitive strategies would include offering to buyers poor quality products at high prices, or making products of lower quality than competitors. The competitive strategies in a marketing essay would be low cost leadership e.g. small scale production, hard to manufacture product designs, unpredictably increasing product costs to counter the loses incurred and so on.
Bad marketing of marketing essay is also characterized by poor market niche identification. Here the product targets few potential consumers making it hard to archive the company objectives like the one on profitability. In addition bad marketing on marketing essay leads to poor market objectives, this means that the company can’t achieve viable level of sales as well as increase or maintain, maximize cash flow or sustain profitability. A marketing essay with bad marketing experiences problems in laying out marketing strategies. This simply means that the marketing objectives as outlined can never be realized. As a result there would be low willingness or ability by consumers to by the product, decreased level of consumption and replacement due to decreased rate of purchase, loss of consumers by lack of line extensions, lack of bundling ability as well as trailing in the price/cost dominance.
Quality of marketing programs also play and important role in marketing essay. The effect of bad marketing on market is viewed firstly in the manner in which consumers are informed, persuaded and influenced to consume a product. Poor promotion is viewed through inefficient hence ineffective advertising, poor publicity, and inadequate sales promotions without clear promotions objectives, quality information and poor criteria for measuring success. Poor promotions objectives don’t provide information, doesn’t increase demand differentiate the products nor stabilize the sales.
Use of very expensive advertising media is also a bad marketing strategy that leads to low quality marketing essay. This will affect the company’s profit levels since the advertising fees are too high. Poor pricing is another bad marketing factor on marketing essay. With the main aim of company being increased profitability, poor pricing of products without consideration of the consumer leads to lose of trust in individuals on a given company and product which lowers sales and profits.

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