Do you know what your pets hate most? I bet you know that. For pets, fleas are always a nightmare for them. And these insects are becoming severe if we owners use the wrong product or not using the treatment correctly. One among the topical flea treatments available is the Frontline Spray. But like the other medications, this product has negative effects or reactions to animals. This topical waterproof flea treatment is used for cats and dogs age 8 weeks and older. The primary insecticide ingredient of Frontline Spray is Fipronil, it is toxic in mammals when ingested orally or even through the skin.

Recently, the negative effects of Frontline Spray to pets have been rare. However, prevention is still better than cure. In order to avoid any negative reactions, as pet owners, we need to follow the right dose appropriate to animal's body weight and apply the treatment only on their skin. And bear in mind that we should not treat with Frontline Spray those pets that are sick, medicated, old, nursing or pregnant. Before doing some treatment to them, consult a vet first.

How will you know if it is overdose? The negative reactions that can occur after an overdose may include loss of appetite, vomiting, seizures, trembling and respiratory problems. For overdose case, contact a veterinarian to avoid a long-term reactions such as thyroid problems, higher fetus mortality, enlargement of kidney and the worst of all, death.

Some negative reactions include skin or eye irritation and neurological reaction. Among these reactions, the most common is the skin irritation because the treatment is applied to the skin. This irritation causes itchiness, pet's excessive scratching or grooming and redness of the skin. And the worst effect would be the loss of hair. Aside from skin irritation, eye irritation and mucous membrane may also occur if the treatment is exposed to the eyes of the pets. And neurological reactions could be known if your pet feels depressed, very nervous and hypersensitive of its skin.

Take note that even animals we should be very careful in giving them treatments. Be aware of the negative effects on their health if the treatment is misused. Consult first an expert (vet) so that our beloved pets will stay longer and happier in our side.

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