Discussion with a traditional educator, certified in Elementary Education about the
eidetic memory, reading, dyslexia, and Mental Photography.

The eidetic memory starts at the time of birth. You already have it. It’s already in place –
it’s automatic. You’re going to be using the eidetic memory for the first five years of your
Q: You have children, right? Whenever you’re looking at your children in that first five
years of life, how do they reflect on you? Are they like little geniuses? They’re
information sponges.
A: Yes, little geniuses, sponges, yes.
Information sponges, geniuses, they seem to know at all. They’re tiny little adults
packed into a tiny little body. But at the same time, they’re brilliant. And in their own way,
they’re absolutely brilliant.
Then something happens when they’re passed into the school system. And it all
changes (from your experience).
Q: What is that like?
A: Oh, it’s the system. It starts out we’re going to go and teach everyone the same method
of left to right to learn to read. First by identifying letters and sounds and from letters
and sounds going to reading and learning to read. After certain phonemic awareness is
taught and different things. That’s how they you teach kids to read and count the same
thing. It’s basically a rote memorization process, teaching them till they start to
memorize nine, memorize, but understand the patterns and numbers and the sounds in
So what has changed there is you have the ultimate learning scale called the eidetic
memory, which you’ve learned the most difficult things in life, you can even learn
multiple languages without having any accent. These are things that adults find very
challenging, and we can all learn those things incredibly well.
And those first five years of life before we went to school, then as you’ve outlined there,
you then hand the child you say, “a system that is actually better to learn by now”. This
is the claim, to stop learning by your own natural methodology of learning and to replace
it with reading. But in order to do this, we got to slow you down to a snail’s pace. We got
to teach you in a very pedantic manner, and slow you down and basically cripple you,
so that you get away from using your natural abilities.
This is what they’re doing to all of the children that go through this system is a slow
them down to such a dogged pace, that we actually hinder the learning process.
There’s a National Education Association statistic chart. It has been around forever and
everybody knows about it. Is says, for the first five years of your life, you learn at an
incredible speed. When you start going to school and you start learning to read, it
doesn’t even level off, it just goes down from that point, and your rate of learning just
plummets. And it stays that way for the rest of your life until you change it. The way you
can change it as re-associate yourself with your natural function, the photographic
memory. You already have it; you just have to re-associate with it.
Now, when it comes to when it comes to children and difficulties associated with
reading, we first look at Dyslexics. Now, a quarter of our population is dyslexic. There
are seven different types of dyslexia. They come in all different fashions, all different
degrees, you can have several types of dyslexia within the same person. They all inhibit
our ability to read; but do they actually inhibit our ability to use the eidetic memory, the
photographic memory or mental photography, no.
Mental Photography, bypasses, dyslexia, and enables a person to take in whole pages
of information as pictures. Then the mind can automatically disseminate out the
information without having without having corruptions.
There’s a professor over in England. His name is Professor Stein, and he's been
studying dyslexia for many years back into late 80s. He has all the statistics and the
data that says specifically that the dyslexic process is more like a stutter in the brain.
Therefore, if you can implant the information between the stutters, the person gets the
information, because it's because it’s not interrupted.
Well, guess what? That’s what Mental Photography does. It gives you a complete flash
of information, every page that you turn. That’s why it is so much more effective than
anything else in dealing with dyslexia. We look at dyslexic people as being brazen in
their own right. They are they are prepared to use the photographic memory, they’re
prepared to use Mental Photography, and that ability has been stripped away by the
school system, to teach them how to read (which they cannot do). In many cases,
they’re demoralized, because are labeled with a deficit of learning, even when it has
nothing to do with their ability to learn.
This is what happens when a person has dyslexia. The number of kids that can’t read,
and adults who cannot read the United States is just alarming. The method that is
taught (reading) limits the ability of many people to be successful because they lose
access to the eidetic memory through our education system.
Q: So, they don’t lose it because they are born with it; but it needs to be brought back
again, meaning it’s this many people no longer being able to used it, right?
A: Right. It can be yours again, but it takes specialized training, ad belief.
If you talk to various organizations that deal specifically with dyslexia, there are all kinds
of expensive equipment and expensive techniques that will help a person. The
downside is almost all of these techniques are based on reading and not utilizing the
photographic memory or the eidetic memory.
Q: Exactly! Oh, all right. Yeah. So it’s like that your technique is to reinvent reading, so
that a dyslexic person can get something out of it.
So this is this ZOX Pro method is so powerful, that it needs to get out everywhere, so
that the people that are diagnosed with dyslexia can use this method to improve their
reading, or their ability to understand things and to be able to be fine even though they
have dyslexia.
A: Ultimately, this is how it works. I have a client that really spelled out that her problem
with dyslexia was so severe that she was so phobic, she couldn’t keep a job. She was
really good at getting jobs and escalating up in jobs. As soon as she got a job which
escalated up to the point where she had to start reading, she would leave.
She would leave the job because she could no longer cope with reading. Reading to her
was like walking on broken glass. It was very painful for her. And so she totally went
away from reading. This (Mental Photography) was a godsend because she could then
get all of her information without needing to read.
She wound up having more library cards than I did. She would go into the library and
photograph all the books that she needed. Then she’d go and do whatever she needed
to do, because this is their new way to get information.
Now granted, not all Dyslexics have a severe problem. Most, are not diagnosed, or
they’re misdiagnosed, which is even worse. Misdiagnosis of a dyslexic person usually
makes them fall into a Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) category. Now, if you have a
person that is dyslexic, and they have this mental stutter effect going on in their brain,
what happens when you give them amphetamines like Ritalin?
It’s going to make them worse, it’s going to make the dyslexia worse. So if you treat a
dyslexic as ADD, with amphetamines, it actually increases the rate of the stuttering
which makes the dyslexia a lot worse. So, diagnosis is critical for Dyslexics, and a lot of
the school systems still today are not willing and ready to diagnose Dyslexics as
Q: Perfect! There is definitely a need. So what do the educators say, now? How do you
break into the education community? Were there some people that say to you, Dr.
Shannon, really? Why don’t we teach this method then?
A: It literally comes down to bureaucracy.
Neil, you’ve taught many classes. That’s great. What if you were tossed into teaching a
class full of children that are nothing but genius, the entire class are geniuses, they are
going to challenge the heck out of you. Correct? This is what the school system doesn’t
want. They don’t want free thinkers, they don’t want geniuses. The geniuses can be
stacked over in the corner in some special class, and the rest of the people will be
taught to be dumbed down.
Q: Definitely, Correct. And you see this in the bureaucracy of the school system, how
it’s arranged and how it’s all put together. This is very unfortunate, because it doesn’t
allow people to really accelerate themselves in ways that they need to.
A: Yes, this is dumbing down the nation’s school systems. It all comes down to
bureaucracy; a political position.
A dumb populace is much easier to control than a smart populace. Right?
That’s the hinge point.
Q: How can people that have kids that are struggling in school contact you today so that
they can use ZOX Pro method?
A: Well, the easiest way is go to ZOXPRO.COM. They can they can get it there. If you
have a child that is absolutely terrible with reading, they may have dyslexia and should
be tested.
Additionally, for any child to be helped this way, get ZOX Pro for yourself, and then you
can help that child, and understand what they need to do. And yes, you’re taking on the
instructor position – you’re teaching it to your child at that point, to make sure that
they’re doing their exercises and doing it right. If you do it that way, you’re in great
shape. If you don’t, and you leave it up the child, the child may be locked into that
defeatist way of looking at things. They may not actually do what it takes to get them to
the next level.
If you want to get the edge on your child’s education and abilities, ZOX Pro would
definitely help.
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Dr Panzo is the Genuine Successor, and the only personally authorized teacher to carry on the work, of Master Richard Welch, PhD, the “Father of Mental Photography”
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