We all know that earrings make a great accessory when they are worn alone. You may not even require another piece of jewelry to make a statement.

But did the thought of combining different earrings ever crossed your mind?

Well, if it did, then you are not just the one. But, just in case you never thought of combining the earrings, then give us a chance. We will provide you with eight stylish combinations that will compliment your current style.

1- Go with Themed Earrings:

Many fashion earrings have similar features. So, you can pick two similar looking ones and can create a theme. If you are lucky enough, you can even find themed earrings, such as the moon and the planet.

2- Mix and Match the Colors:

If you love a hint of color, then try to mix and match them. You can mix complementary colors with bold studs. Or you can go analogous and create a gradient effect.

3- Play with Studs and Dangles:

For multiple ear piercings, you can choose different styles. You can opt for the teardrop earrings in your standard lobe. Then you can highlight the dangles with multiple small studs in the upper lobe or other piercings.

4- Studs and Hoops:

Similar to dangles, you can even don a hoop. When you mix hoops with studs, you will create a multi-dimensional appearance that will look unique. If possible, go for minimalist and larger hoops. The outcome will be bold yet classy.

5- Combine Studs:

You can quickly create a dainty look by combining a few studs. Make sure that you stick with similar types of metals. This way, you can aim to develop a touch of solidarity. But again, with this blog, we do not expect you to abide by rules. So, go ahead and feel crazy about the materials or colors.

6- Go for the same Metals but Different Styles:
Sometimes staying streamlined just has a boring outcome. That is why it is better to think out of the box. You can use hoops, studs, bars, or any other types of earrings in similar metal. This way, you can show off your piercings and earring collections.

7- Mismatch the Lobes:

You do not need to match your earrings at all. You can play with colors and deck one ear with a statement piece and wear a small, complementary earring on another. This style is best for when you intend to pin one side of your hair behind the ears.

8- Prefer Different Sizes:

Studs like pearls, diamonds, and gold earrings come in various sizes. So, go ahead and take advantage of different sizes. Use these classic and minimalist studs to create a dimensional look. You can create a simple series with different studs.

Bottom Line

If you are impressed with the options we mentioned here, and then start with creating a collection of earrings. The more earrings you own, the more combinations you can create. Which means you will never run out of unique ideas. Every new outfit you wear will have a different combination of earrings.

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