As the number of call center users increase every day, the pressure on these departments is immense. They have to handle large volume of calls without any respite, which can take a heavy toll on even the most experienced of employees. Considering the fact that most calls are repetitive in nature, there is an easy way to reduce this burden. The solution is provided by a cutting-edge interactive voice response system, which is built from the ground up to meet the requirements of an organization.

What is an IVR?
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets you play recorded voices as a response to customers’ keypad input or voice. In the past, mostly keypad inputs were supported, but nowadays IVR comes with reliable voice recognition technology that can understand human voices and respond accordingly in its own unique voice. Although IVR voices are computer generated, quality IVR outsourcing services can make them in such a way that they respond logically and simulate humans.

IVR can be of two types:
• Simple IVR i.e. Single-Level IVR: This IVR can be utilized for a single department and simple business use case where only a single user input can do the task. For example, a customer can press 1 for connecting with customer care or 2 for connecting with technical support.
• Multi-Level IVR: These IVR solutions have multiple layers depending on the kind of call center process. Customers access the first layer, and then the second and so on. Depending on the user input, the response from the IVR can be an automated message or transfer to an agent.

The Real Value of IVR Services
Different companies require different types of IVR services. Depending on their workflows and organizational hierarchy, they need unique IVR solutions. But before using IVR outsourcing services, you should understand the real value of IVR services. Only if the outsourcing vendor can help you achieve its real value for your business, you should think about using its services:

Call personalization for building instant rapport
Customers love to be recognized. If you can show them that you know them, you instantly build a rapport with them. First time callers can be greeted by a general message, but the repeat callers can be called by their real names.

High-quality voice recognition for taking information securely
High-end IVR services can provide you top-class voice recognition capabilities. This functionality can be used for gathering information securely and reliably from the customers. For example, PIN numbers and credit card numbers can be taken by transferring the call to a unique ‘IVR information gathering’ number. Such an interactive voice response system can help you stay on the safe side of the DPA and other security-related regulatory compliances.

Improved call routing
Many customers leave your services because the IVR process is not up to the mark. Wrong call routing can prolong the agony of callers after their wait in the long queue. But a recognized IVR outsourcing services provider can help you stay foolproof in call routing and minimize customers’ wait times.

Round-the-clock availability with IVR
Customers of today want support round-the-clock. But such call center services can cost you heavily as you have to employ full-time agents who also work during night shifts. But with the right IVR services, you can handle many customers without any need for a call transfer to a live agent. As the call flow is light during the night hours, you can easily run after hour support with IVR and a few agents. Hence, your overall budget is not stressed heavily even when you move to a 24x7 operation.

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