Video brings motion and emotion to your customer email marketing. It can change the way a customer interacts with you and how they feel.

When you do video marketing right, customers can't help but notice you!

So lets talk about customer emotion in relation to email marketing, we need to talk about the three things that happen when they feel something. It starts with what they physically do (sit, watch, click, ), what they focus on and did the message we use mean something. Emotion comes from motion, so what we do physically affects our actions. Our feelings are tied to our movement…so if you want to change the state of your customers emotion, get them to physically do something different. Get them to Engage?

Also maybe we should question our email marketing focus. Frequently, we work ourselves into a tizzy because we are focused on what we think is the customer outcome. If you want to break out of a pattern, concentrate on something different. Change the marketing focus and you will change your attitude towards your customer marketing. While, you are at it, why not change the way you are thinking too. Usually, we ask poor marketing questions (even in our thoughts) and we get bad results. Improve your questions and you will improve the state of mind you approach any marketing campaign. Improve your marketing message or language and you will improve your customers state of mind as well. It is all about marketing discipline. Lao-Tzu said, “Don't think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice.

Email marketing has churned out millions of pieces of HTML based “marketing messages”. The purpose is for your customer to read and click. Why not change your focus to video in email marketing, where the purpose is to get your customer to watch, smile, laugh, nod, cry, rewind, interact, click.

When we think “video marketing” do you think that by simply posting a video to YouTube, for example, that it will go viral. Ask yourself the question “Is that target marketing?”, why not decide to target your video for use it in existing marketing efforts including email marketing. This could generate targeted exposure which, if your video is shared, appear on social networks as well.

Change is discipline, the once powerful marketing channel of e-mail is experiencing growing pains. Consumers are finding e-mail messages less relevant and experiencing e-mail fatigue.

Video can evoke emotion, video gives e-mail a "human touch." "Everyone wants marketing to be more personal. With video marketing we are not talking about different types of marketing, we are talking about using video as a different channel to physically engage a customer (sit, watch, smile,nod,laugh, cry,click, ). What it all boils down to is “customer engagement."

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Brian is CEO of Anistock stock footage