So what’s the big deal or why bother with publishing an email newsletter (aka ezine)? Because your competitors know and understand the value of staying connected and being top-of-mind!

Here are the Top 5 reasons why I suggest that you do:

    1. It allows you to stay in touch with your clients and potential clients, showing that you do care about them. Connecting regularly also develops your relationship with them, letting them know they are important to you and that you have their interests at heart. In other words, your readers need to know they’re more than just a person on your mailing list and that you’re not just trying to make a sale.

    2. A newsletter is a straightforward and simple way to steadily deliver free and valuable content. It keeps you top-of-mind and this is key because should any of your clients know of anyone who can benefit from your services or prospective clients come to realize it’s time to take you up on your services, your name pops up. Why? Because the relationship you’ve developed over time positioned you as someone they know, like, and trust.

    3. A well-written newsletter serves to increase your credibility as an expert career coach or resume writer while at the same time build long-term relationships with people who value your work and will recommend your services to others.

    4. A consistently delivered newsletter shows your commitment to support your clients or potential clients (your readers) and they look forward to seeing your next newsletter in their inbox because they want to continue learning from you. Also, it lets them know you’re readily available to help them when they need you and demonstrates professionalism.

    5. Lastly, a newsletter is a low-pressure way to remind your clients and potential clients that you’re there to serve them when they need you.

If you’re not publishing and sending out a newsletter, what’s stopping you? Is it that…

  • You don’t think you have enough time to put it together? Your newsletter doesn’t have to have different sections or be a full-length article. It can be as simple as a tip of the week if you want.
  • You don’t know what you would write about or you’re not confident in your writing skills? If this is the case, consider working with a professional editor or ghostwriter who can take your thoughts and ideas and put them into words for you.
  • You’re not technically savvy and you don’t know how to manage an email list or deliver it? Hand this project over to a virtual assistant (VA) who is familiar with email autoresponder or distribution/broadcasting services.

Here are some resources to help you get started: International Virtual Assistants Association (, AWeber (, ConstantContact (, and MailChimp (

There are several email delivery services out there and the few that mentioned do offer free trials. When I started out, I used AWeber (and I’m an affiliate partner). Check out the ones I mentioned above or do some of your own research online to see what's available to see which service one would be a “good fit” for you.

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Maria Hebda, CCMC, CPRW... Connect, attract, and nurture … the cornerstone for creating a thriving business of ideal clients!

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