The grief process can be compared to the transformative process of the butterfly.

Grievers oftern find themselves stuck inside the safety of the cocoon of grief. There is a sense of feeling lost in the darkness of grief. There is a push-puss feeling that often occurs during grief. Grievers want to move beyond their grief, but often find themselves unable to move out of that dark but secure place that grief can become.

The journey of the butterfly from the cocoon is not an easy task. The caterpillar, in essence, dissolves within the cocoon.

It requires both effort and surrender for the butterfly to emerge and fly into the world of possibility. The butterfly knows instinctively that it will die if it does not take action to leave the protection of the cocoon.

It takes a decision and action to emerge into the possibilities beyond the cocoon of grief.

To move beyond grief is a natural process. Just as the butterfly follows its natural process to emerge from the cocoon, grievers have the choice to take action steps to emerge from grief and fly into the life of possibility that awaits.

Maya Angelou has said:

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes it has
gone through to achieve that beauty..."

Moving beyond grief is not an easy journey. Allow the image of the magnificent butterfly to guide you through and beyond your grief.

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Sandy Clendenen provides programs and services to widows who are feeling stuck in their grief and seeking to move into empowered living.

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