Emotional Abandonment By Husband: How To Deal With Emotional Abandonment In Marriage

Many marriages are damaged by emotional adultery which is sometimes called emotional cheating or emotional infidelity. Emotional adultery is a non-physical intimate relationship outside of marriage with sexual overtones. Emotional cheating is somewhat different from physical adultery which involves both physical sex and emotions. This article gives information on what emotional infidelity in marriage is and some emotional cheating signs.

How Does Emotional Infidelity Start

Although it is not unusual for married couples to have fiends it is important to consider that there can be a thin line between emotional infidelity in marriage and a close friendship. Emotional infidelity in marriage often begins when marital problems, feelings, and disappointments are shared with an emotional friend. In an emotional affair you are giving your deepest emotions to someone other than your spouse. Often the emotional attraction begins without initially realizing what is occurring.

How Do Emotional Cheaters Communicate

In today's society a broad range of communication choices makes emotional adultery easier. The ability to communicate by internet, email, telephone, and text messaging creates a broad range of communication choices.

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Often people who commit emotional adultery think they have not done anything wrong because there was no sex. As their emotional friendship becomes stronger the wish to take it into a physical relationship becomes stronger. The emotional infidelity in marriage tends to create distance between spouses similar to physical adultery. When emotional needs are being met by someone other than the spouse a marriage becomes weakened. In essence the spouse who is having the emotional affair is giving their heart to someone else.

Frequently in emotional adultery the non cheating spouse is made to feel as though their suspicions are unreasonable. The cheating spouse frequently claims that the relationship is just a friendship and is often reluctant to end the relationship. Spending large amounts of time with someone of the opposite sex or same-sex without the knowledge of a spouse could be leading to an emotional affair.

Emotional Infidelity Signs

Large numbers of text messages and frequent phone calls to the same person are possible emotional cheating signs. Meeting for coffee, lunch and other in person meetings are signs of an emotional affair that could be headed for physical infidelity. Marriages that are already having problems are susceptible to emotional affairs. Often a spouse is initially searching for emotional support and someone to listen to their problems.

The effects of emotional adultery can be devastating to a relationship. In addition to influencing a spouse to make life changing decisions, it destroys trust between married couples when the adultery is discovered. This means staying with someone you don't trust or ending the marriage.

As you can see emotional adultery is a form of betrayal of your marriage partner. Marriage is the uniting of two people to share their lives with a devotion to each other. When one spouse violates the matrimonial intent of marriage they put the relationship is in severe jeopardy of failing.

If your marriage is suffering from as a result of emotional adultery you may choose to work at saving the marriage or ending the relationship. If you choose the path of working on your marriage problems it will take time and effort to rebuild trust and bring the marriage to a good place.

Fortunately regaining trust after emotional infidelity is possible when both partners are willing to work at it and seek the needed help. Help can be found in the form of online self-help books, marriage counseling, or marriage retreats.

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It has not only played a symbolic role as a binding agreement between two people but also a process to instill trust and fidelity for them. As a marriage progresses, it presents different challenges that address the two involved persons to adapt and fix things in the process. Here are ways to handle this sacred union:

Diagnose the problem: In any mix-up, it is always important to know how the trouble came up. Unless you know the problem, you can't find a way to solve it. Some marriages failed because neither of each party talked about what is happening in their marriage. They have deeply planted hatred which could easily be resolved when they only had a chance to talk about it.

Commit to Changes: Any relationship's trouble can't be solved alone by one person, as it has been said, it takes two to tango. In any relationship, it is important to take note that giving and receiving are important factors for successful years together. No matter how difficult it would be to deal with it, commitment on permanent or semi-permanent change in your attitude and behavior certainly repairs the marriage.

Rekindle the happy moments: Rekindling the happy times together is synonymous to starting the relationship from the start. An effective way to miss the old times together is to look back and see what went wrong in between. A relationship gone sour did not necessarily start form a bad one. It has certainly sprouted from a sweet and happy start.

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Take a vacation together: Taking a vacation together may open up possibilities of a complete repair for the marriage. You'll get to know a person a bit more when you are together in a cozy, honeymoon-like environment. Who knows, but you may discover something new from that person and vice-versa. You may see the person in a new light and rediscover what made you fall for him.

Have a regular date night: Most partners tend to overlook this very simple aspect of any given relationship-that they should set aside a night out together even on a monthly basis.

Open your lines of communication: Once you diagnose what the problems are, you can begin to talk about them. Resolving any concerns all begins with talking to your partner and honestly stating how you feel.

Don't just stick with each other because of the kids.
It would be wrong to want to stay married all because of the kids. The primary reason should still be your deep love for each other.

As you get ready to start from the scratch to fix your marriage, you need to patiently go beyond the book and find other creative ways to handle it.
Start rediscovering things to get that new revelation from the person you fell in love with. Remember, marriage is not about quitting when you feel like doing it.

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1. Make the commitment

Without the commitment from both of you to save your marriage and stop divorce, this just isn't going to happen bubba. If one of you wants to make the effort, while the other is just going along with the first. If both of you "sort of" want this. Your marriage will not be saved.

Making the commitment is the first critical step. Are you both willing?

2. Make the effort

Now that we have a commitment from both of you, it's important to translate this promise to do something into actual action. It's no use saying you are committed but you can't or won't make the effort to address the issue of how to save the marriage.

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What does making the effort to save a marriage and stop divorce mean in practical terms? It means you both take it seriously, do what you need to (put aside time together, kill off that budding extra-marital affair in the office, read books on marriage healing). It means being willing to learn to communicate more often, show love and affection when the other spouse needs it, and compromising because you put the marriage ahead of "things".

3. Be willing to seek outside help

Sometimes, a couple is so involved with their issues, they can't see the forest for the trees. So be willing if necessary to seek a family counselor or a priest or a pastor, even a close family member or friend who can help. Allowing an outsider to come in is not an admission of failure. It is making a wise decision to get help and not struggle through the situation alone.

As you can see, there's no easy way about it. To save a marriage and stop divorce, you must both make the commitment, the effort and be willing to accept help. Marriage is beautiful and is worth saving. Give it your all and you can start the healing process and look forward to better years ahead together in love.

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I sometimes hear from wives who are very frustrated because they are separated from their husband, but they have no idea what he's feeling or whether or not his feelings are favorable to him returning home and trying to save the marriage.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband and I separated two weeks ago because this is what he wanted. We agreed that our primary goal was to take a little time to think and that we would have dinner together at least every Friday. I thought that it would be obvious how he was feeling and which way he was leaning, but it's not. We do have dinner every Friday night but it is just filled with small talk. When I try to ask my husband what he's thinking or feeling, he tells me that he still doesn't know. He's pleasant enough, but I can't help feeling as if he's shutting me out. How do I get him to open up about his feelings?"

I understand this wife's situation because I have been in it myself. In fact, when I was in this situation, I handled this so badly that our separation deteriorated to the point that we were barely even speaking. I believe that there's definitely a right and a wrong way to handle this. I'll outline what I think is the right way in the following article.

Know That Sometimes, The More You Push Him To Discuss His Feelings, The Less Likely He Is To Do So: I understand wanting to know what he is thinking and feeling. You want some reassurance. You want to hear something that is going to offer you hope. But you need to understand that sometimes, the harder you push for him to open up, the more likely it is that he is going to close it down. Men have a hard enough time understanding and then sharing their feelings, but this process becomes even more difficult when he feels pressure and when he feels your disapproval because of his delay.

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Why One Of The Best Things That You Can Do Is To Be Easy To Approach: I know that this may not be what you want to hear, but it's my opinion that the best tactic that you can take right now is to back off on the pressure and to instead try to ensure that you are very easy and pleasurable to approach. After all, you want for those Friday night dinners to continue and you want for them to be a good experience. In fact, you want for them to go so well that you know that you will leave that meeting in a much better position than you might have had when you went into it. You want to begin to rebuild your marriage during those dinners.

But, if your husband knows that, without fail, every Friday he is going to be grilled about how he feels and why it is taking him so long to decide on this, how much do you think he's going to look forward to those dinners? Not very much, right? In fact, he may start to cancel them or to do away with them all together and this is going to make saving your marriage that much more difficult.

Have Confidence That His Actions Will Eventually Tell You What You Need To Know: If your asking about his feelings causes conflict and it's best to back off on this, know that often, you can tell how he is feeling due to his actions. Often, you can tell how receptive he is to you by his body language and facial expressions. You can typically tell how much progress you are making by how he reacts to you when you are together and how much he initiates contact when you aren't.

Know That He May Not Have Any Answers Yet: It's so important to be patient, even though I know first hand how impossible that this may appear at the time. It can take a while for his feelings to be apparent to him or to register so strongly that he is ready to share them. He may be waiting until he is sure to share his feelings. And he may not be feeling much of anything quite yet. It's normal for people (especially men) to feel a little numb or to feel as if they are kind of walking around in a fog in the early stages of the separation.

The good news is that his feelings will likely become more apparent to both of you, and if you are patient and easy to approach, then you make it more likely that he is going to be sharing positive feelings with you. I know that it is frustrating because waiting around in the dark is truly no fun, but pressuring him will likely just do more harm than good.

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