How To Fix Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken: How To Develop Trust In A Marriage - How To Gain Trust Back In A Marriage

Trust is a crucial ingredient in any relationship, especially a lifetime commitment such as a marriage. It is oftentimes referred to as the glue that holds two people together. Trust brings any relationship to a deeper, more intimate level and can very well be the most important tool in resolving differences and conflicts when they arise.

But just as it is a valuable element, so is it one of the most difficult to work at and develop. Trusting another person, or trusting your spouse means placing yourself in the position of relying on others to treat you in a fair, nonjudgmental and honest way. It means accepting yourself as you accept the other person in the relationship. And if the person who comes into the marriage have trouble developing trust in his or her spouse then this can be a big problem.

What are some of the reasons why a person has problems trusting?

- They could have experienced a great deal of emotional and/or physical abuse or hurt in the past. Because of this, they are not willing to risk getting hurt or abused again.

- They have been in troubled relationships where they were ignored, misunderstood or their confidences were betrayed by the other person

- They have experienced the pain of losing a loved one through death. As such they close up on themselves for fear of being left alone or abandoned

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- They may have come from a broken family or whose parents have separated or divorced. Divorce can be a traumatic experience and so they think that the bitter lesson from it is to not trust anyone so they will not get hurt in the future.

So if one or both of you has any of these reasons and are already in a marriage, it's high time to take serious steps and develop the trust. Here are some ways by which you can begin to improve trust building in your marriage:

- Foster a healing and comfortable environment in the home. This means the couple are conscious of making each other relaxed enough to talk about anything and everything that bothers them without the fear of being judged or criticized. There is involvement from both partners - they ask questions that will encourage the other to open up, they relate their own experiences and listen to each other fully and with empathy. A healing environment will help both parties develop an intimate bond and a growing conviction that they can lean on each other for support. This will eventually lead to trust.

- Be consistent in your words and actions towards one another. Building trust means developing confidence in each other. So when you communicate to each other, mean what you say and say what you mean. This will help your spouse know that your intentions match your message, and that you are reliable enough to follow through on your words as well with your actions.

- Let go of your own fears. Fear is the ultimate obstacle to building trust. It can restrict your action with others. Letting go can free you from all the mental and emotional constraints that limit your intimacy with your spouse. Realize that your partner may also have some fears of their own and it will be a good exercise for both of you to learn how to let go of them slowly but surely.

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If you want to improve your marriage, most likely things are not going so well. Hopefully your marriage is not in a real bad place, if that is true, there are a few very useful things you can do to improve it.

Most marriages loose their sparkle over time. We become accustom to each other. Instead of lovers, we become roommates. We wear sweats or boxer shorts around the house. We don't do the little things we used to do that we knew made our spouses feel special. It usually becomes a case of "she knows I love her" or "I'm so busy with the kids, I don't have time to run extra errands."

Whether it's a case of life getting in the way or apathy, we just don't take the time to do the special things for each other the way we used to when our relationship was new and exciting. That is kind of the key, take the time and do the little special things that you used to do for your spouse.

What were the things you could do for your spouse that would make them light up? Well just start doing those things again. Of course this isn't the answer to every situation that comes up in a marriage that needs fixing, but it definitely is something that can improve many relationships.

While it might seem hard to make these changes, you have to understand what your alternatives. Divorce? Separation? Not seeing your kids? The list goes on. So take the time to make your mate feel special today.

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Do you know how to create an extraordinary, passionate, and loving relationship?

It's no secret that intimate relationships are the cause of more pain and more pleasure than any other area in our lives. Romance, love and passion are all powerful forces. They pull us in. Yet, they can turn our world upside down, leaving us in pain just as easily as they can lift us up to amazing heights of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

We can feel an amazing deep connection one day and then wonder what happened as we struggle to make sense of our partner. What happened to the spark that initially caused that intense attraction...where did it go?

How do you bridge the gap back to what was once an amazing connection, from the cold reality of today's existence? Is it even possible to return to love?

Maybe it's our partner's fault because they changed, and we don't feel attracted to them anymore. Sometimes we can have no idea where they are even coming from. What if you barely get along? Even conversations can be stressful. What do we do about this constant struggle to relate over even the most basic issues? And how do we know when to give up and move on?

Our friends and family have all kinds of ideas about what we should do, but none of it works. After all, most of them are not exactly role models for fulfilling relationships.

There are plenty of couples who have extraordinary intimate relationships even after 40-50 years together. Relationships do not normally lose love, connection and passion over the years. What is the standard that you have for your relationship? Are you modeling an extraordinary relationship today, or have you settled for something that is lukewarm at best.

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Re-ignite the spark in your relationship with these 5 Strategies:

1). Stop arguing with your partner. Do not try so solve any disagreements. Leave those alone for now. Do not try to fix anything that you think is wrong with your partner. This may seem strange to you, but it will free some of the essential energy needed to restore your relationship. Trying to prove you are right is not the answer that you need.

2). Be who you were in the beginning of the relationship. You probably were playful and fun to be around back then. Maybe you were even downright silly because love can do interesting things to you... can't it? You are not doing what you were in the beginning, or it would be like it was in the beginning. If you truly loved someone what would you do for them?

3). Have heartfelt understanding for your partner. Put yourself in their shoes and FEEL how they feel. This is not head -felt understanding. This is about the heart. What do you notice when you are in their shoes? There are always two sides to every story. Do you know your partners side of the story? Maybe there is something that you need to do as a result of this new understanding.

4). Put your partner first; their hopes, their dreams, their desires. Focus on giving your partner what they need. Do you know what they need? Can you give it to them in the way that they want to receive it? You can't just intellectualize this. You have to actually give to them. This is not about waiting for your partner to give to your first. You be the one to give first. When there is really love and passion, and not just people who tolerate each other, or stay together for the kids, you will always find that they put their partner first.

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5). Get back to your core masculine or feminine energy. Like two magnets, it takes polarity, or opposite energy to cause attraction. However, turn one of the magnets around and they repel each other. This happens in relationships when couples get depolarized. People get discouraged because they don't know how to meet each others needs so a shift in energy occurs. In 95% of all couples both men and women are well intentioned towards their partner but feel constantly misunderstood and frustrated by their needs and communication style.

For example: Men don't feel like they can succeed so they get tentative, and women protect themselves by being strong. A man might give up because he can't figure out how to make the woman happy taking on a more feminine energy, and the woman becomes frustrated with the man's ability to understand her so she takes on more masculine energy.

At first, this might be a very subtle shift. But over time, this lack of polarity is like cold water poured on the spark of attraction, and... it's gone. In my opinion, this is the biggest single issue that causes challenges in relationships, and the #1 cause of divorce.

Intimate relationships can be relatively easy when you know what to do. Passion can be like a switch that you turn on when you have the right energy in a relationship. It is independent of age or time spent together.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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If understanding men is an important issue to you, then this principle might help. I'm going to talk about how my now wife and I actually started dating in the first place. This is actually a universal law that works all over the world, in any culture. It even works in business. You probably will have used it before, maybe by accident. Now, you will learn how to use it properly to make your man adore you.

Let's start from the very beginning. This is how my girlfriend got me to commit to her and go from seeing her to dating her after about 3 months.

The story's actually pretty funny. I was young and I thought that "seeing" and "dating" someone were the same thing. I considered us dating already, though I hadn't "formally" told her.

She got pretty upset one night over the phone because she was confused where we were standing and hung up on me. I was pretty confused as well.

I tried to talk to her online and there was one line she wrote that sent chills down my spine: "maybe we should just try to be friends instead." This was on the day before my birthday, mind you, so it was a pretty crappy present. I went from being attracted to her to really caring about her.

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The day after (my birthday), I heard that her cat ran away. Instead of spending the day with my mates partying, I was over at her place, comforting her. Later that night, I told her that I was committed to her and we officially started dating.

So what did she do? She took away the choice of dating her from me. By telling me, "maybe we should just try to be friends instead," I had that feeling of loss. Everything that I had with her would suddenly disappear and at the time, it was a pretty scary thought.

That's why I decided to start dating her.

She still does it now: I want to come over to her place and she takes away that choice if she's annoyed at me. "You know what? Forget about it. I don't want you coming over," she says.

Do that to see how much your man is into you. It worked pretty well on me. See, understanding men isn't as difficult as it seems. We are all wired to chase after you once you start pushing yourself away from us. Chase us and we'll try to put distance between you. This principle doesn't change when you get married. Not one bit.

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