Most of us have our issues why we are overweight. For a lot of of us the blame game is a constant loop of the reason why we started to be fat in the first place. Even though the majority of of us have some very good explanations for being fat, it won’t make you shed a single lb. Excuses, however legit they may seem won’t make you shed weight. The only approach to get back to your ideal weight is to face facts and to face the challenge without excuses.

In spite of how you look at it, probably the most significant problems we all encounter is diet. What you eat, how much you eat and any time you eat are the only real difficulties you have. Of course, physical exercise is important but in the end your diet is the determining factor in reducing your weight.

Diet is an interesting challenge since most of us realize what we really should eat, however we still eat the inappropriate foods in excess.

How come is this?

It is as a result of this strange diet fault that so many people suffer from. It's known as 'emotional eating' and it’s the cause of many people’s weight troubles. The primary purpose of food is to nurture and feed our bodies. However, for some people food becomes an emotional attachment.

Any time you eat those yummy donuts you “feel good”. This feeling good is a short-term rush of blood though your system and since it only lasts a small amount of time you have to replenish this feeling a number of times every day.

All of us want to feel great. When food becomes your means to this end you may have weight difficulties. Food is not there to give us feelings. Know this and begin to notice how you might have emotional attachments to food. By any chance do you eat to feel better or do you eat because you are hungry?

Food will never give you long term satisfaction no matter how much you eat. If you are an emotional eater you need to find methods to deal with your emotions and let food be food. One affirmation that you might want to commit to memory is this:

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”

This will assist you to to start going beyond emotional eating and get you to be healthy from the inside out. Do not permit your taste buds control the way you appear. Ultimately you have control over everything that goes over your lips.

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