New Empath Relationships
There is nothing as intense as the sexual spark of a new relationship if you are energetically and chemically attracted to your new love. It can be awkward the first few times while you get to know each other as it’s happening, but when you look back it was the best time of your life right?
Some people, especially Empaths can become addicted to the warm fuzzy feelings and intensity of a new relationship. This type of person usually doesn’t stay in a relationship for very long because as soon as the excitement wears off, they start missing that feeling and let’s face it, once you lose that new couple feeling it’s hard to get it back to exactly what it was before so take precaution to keep things at their energetic best.
• Have open honest discussions about the past.
• Let your Partner know what you expect from them.
• Let them know what you won't tolerate.
• Tell them what makes you insecure.
• Tell them about the things in your past that still affect you today.
• Make sure they disclose all of this to you as well.

Starting the relationship out the right way and energetically clean is the best route to take of course. The beauty of this is, it’s never too late to establish this foundation. You can follow this advice on your first date-your 50th anniversary. When you put your mind to it any relation can be cleansed and renewed.
New Mindsets
Becoming aware of these Mindset rules and following them will resolve or prevent some serious problems.
1. Give each other space. Empaths are always in need of some solitude and quiet time to balance themselves out and decompress. If someone is not getting this alone time they will not be nearly as happy in the relationship or life in general. If your Partner is too clingy to give you some alone time this is a warning sign that there is a problem that they need to fix and vice versa.
2. Spend time together. Quality together time is just as important. Of course, you are together many hours of the day, but this is quality time we are talking about. Go on a date, sneak off into the woods, watch a special movie, create an artwork, etc. You can do whatever you as a couple want to do, just so long as it’s quality time together.
3. If possible, give each other a private area in the home or on the property. This is a safe space to go when you need to cool down after a confrontation, to absorb bad news, create art projects, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet. If you don’t have any extra rooms in your home, there are ways to be creative.
4. Clear Energy Together- Couples meditation, Yoga, tantric yoga, Sea Salt Baths, Grounding, Smudging, and other clearing practices will do your relationship a world of good. When an Empath couple allows negative energy to build up with no release it will never lead to anything good. Make it a practice to clear energy together and you will get instantaneous results both individually and as a couple.
5. Separate Sleeping Areas. Hear me out on this one. Many Empaths are just not comfortable sleeping together but your Partner likes to cuddle and you don’t, or you have other problems associated with sleeping together there is no rule that you have to share a bed or even sleep at the same times. Remember how the older generations each had their own beds? They had lasting marriages too. You can make the intimacy up in other ways. I personally love sleeping alone and my Partner hates it so we do have to compromise on this one.
6. Resolve your issues. Don’t let them fester and build up. When something becomes an issue don’t dwell on it, don’t let it keep popping up, just jump in and resolve it and then once the issue is resolved just let it go. You cannot say something is resolved and then keep bringing it up over and over. If it’s still an issue you need to acknowledge it as an issue until it’s not.
7. Watch your tone of voice. This is a huge rule. Your tone of voice sets the tone for the entire conversation and using the wrong tone of voice can even cause problems where there is none. Also don’t yell or make sarcastic comments during disagreements because it is a waste of Energy and will alienate your Partner and make them feel defensive. Nothing can be resolved when couples are acting childish.
8. The Blame Game is not to be played between couples. When you start throwing blame around it leads to a never-ending battle because no matter what you blame someone for there will be a counter-attack blame they can come back with. Dangerous phrases such as I only did this because YOU did that will not resolve anything. Remember that whatever you say in the heat of an argument will never be forgotten so unless you want to make things worse don’t start blaming, even if they really are to blame.
9. Don’t try to fix your Partner or change them. They will only rebel and resent if you do. They were this way when you met them and if the real them isn’t who you want then you might not be in the right relationship. If they value you like they should, encouragement to do better will be enough and they will work on flaws on their own and this applies to you as well. We all have our own identity and that is our right. When you try to change someone against their will it will only cause them to rebel against you. Work with them, don’t issue demands or ultimatums.
10. Don’t lose yourself and your own identity just because you are part of a couple. You still have individual likes and dislikes and that is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. If you have already lost yourself in your relationship you can find a new and improved “You” by just branching back out and remembering the things you like to do or exploring new ways of expressing yourself. If your Partner has other interests, encourage them to do the same. It’s perfectly okay to have separate interests than your Partner.
11. Don’t forget to have fun. This is another big one that grownups often forget. The couple that laughs together lasts. Life is way too serious and as an Empath you need to decompress and distress as often as you can. Being silly & acting like a child or joking around will help your relationship grow in a healthy way. People in relationships tend to rely on their friends for that fun downtime when it should be their Partners instead. If your relationship is too serious it can have serious consequences that can eventually destroy a good relationship. When the good times are over what’s left?
12. If you have not forgiven your Partner don’t claim that you have. If you have been hurt or wronged in some way, don’t agree to forgive unless you really have forgiven. This is an important rule to form into a new mindset, don’t ever take the word Forgiveness lightly because if you use it in haste or to settle an issue for the time-being it will just keep coming back and devalue the word.
13. Don’t let the outside world into your home. If you have had a frustrating day at work or someone else makes you angry don’t take it out on your Partner. We tend to do that a lot and from the innocent Partner’s point of view, it’s hurtful to take an attitude you didn’t create. Your Partner is not meant to be the verbal or physical punching bag for your frustrations, so don’t treat them as such.
Pay attention to how much better your relationship is when you are applying this mindset. Don’t try to do it all at once, pick one and once it becomes habit move on to another. You simply can’t change everything all at once overnight because that just won’t work. You are each a part of the same team and you have a lot riding on the success of your team so allow each other kindness and respect that you would like to be given.

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Michelle Fisher
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My name is Michelle and I am the Founder of TPF Spiritual Services located in Southern Ohio. I have been a Psychic and Coach for a long time and I have recently start branching out into the subject of Soulmate Attraction in my Programs & Coaching. I have been working as a Coach for about 10 years in a variety of topics and I have successfully Coached hundreds of Clients to finding their success & happiness.