Australia is the largest developed nation throughout the world which provide us the satisfactory environment. So, being a developed nation and due to less population, Australia provides the number of jobs for the people who lives there and come from other countries. Australia provide the good training and best study skills. But from few years ,the economic condition of Australia is not so good that affected on the rate of employment in Australia. Now question is that what is employment, so employment is a contract between two parties one being the employer and other being the employee. An employee is a person who works under the any contract of hire which differ from client and customer and the employer has the power to control the employee to know that how the work is to be performed. The easy way of employer to find the employee is newspapers and internet. A number of jobs in Australia are advertised on newspapers and internet but it is impossible for the job seekers to apply for each job vacancies. So, try to submit your resume only for those companies in which you are eligible. Once an employer selected you for a job then he will be contacted through email. So,this is the best opportunity for the job seekers who want to do job in Australia .Australia provides the number of fields for job .Job seekers ca be employed in mining,software,medical field. The demands of the nursing in medical field is so high. Shortage of nurses in Australia,increase the job vacancies in Australia. It is the best opportunities for the job seekers who are willing to do job in medial field. There are lot of opportunities to secure the nursing job in Australia .because these organizations have good relations with the medical board and other individual organizations According to the organization of Australia,due to shortages of vacancies in medical field,the demands of visa priority is very high. There is no problem to get the visa for Australia and if you think about the language then don't worry about that lives there and understand .the people to improve the skills. The market is getting very competitive with other companies so it is very important for the people who wanting to enter into industry have relevant experience in their interested field. To get the experience, job seekers should start their career from small companies and also they can start their own business. There are great similarities between the working condition of Australia and the working condition of UK. The working hours is 37 hours in a week,They also provide the payment for overtime work hours and holiday for sick leave. So Australia provide the best facilities in every field for the job seekers who want to make the career in Australia.

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Many companies are helping to create opportunities to get the Jobs in Australia which increasing the rate of Employment in Australia.