Empowered women, empower women. We know this. We see it all over social media, but is it always represented in our real, everyday lives? Sadly, I would say no. We still see constant comments on women’s bodies on social media, magazine covers, and even in real life settings. And why is this? Why after so much talk and encouragement to empower other women, we still are honing in on things such as a women’s physique? Well, I had the pleasure of speaking with Empowerment Coach, Diana Perkovic, and we discussed that very question.

Perkovic explained to me that she theorizes that there is a disconnect between the ‘Women supporting women’ we post about and display to our followers online, and the ‘Women supporting women’ we see in real life due to women lacking true empowerment within themselves. She says empowerment should be thoroughly learned first, and everything such as confidence, self-love, and resilience follows after. Once we find our own personal empowerment, we then can genuinely empower others; going back to the point of empowered women, empower women.

She is so confident of this theory, that she started her own company, Good Girl Mafia, to help guide women at all stages in life find empowerment within themselves. Empowerment does not always come easy for women, as from a young age we are taught to not take up space. We are often told we are not strong enough, too emotional, and less capable. But, it’s 2021. We know this is WRONG and we need to change this mindset. This is where GGM comes in. GGM is a six-week boot camp that leads women to living the life they know they deserve. With an astounding 100% success rate, Perkovic is taking Empowerment Coaching to a whole new level. Joining her boot camp means you get to co-create, and define what empowerment means to YOU, with Perkovic by your side to turn to for guidance. She designs your personal empowerment journey that guarantees you to reach your long-deserved, empowerment filled self.

Perkovic notes that this program is for women in any stage of their lives, but you must be serious about changing your life. Her goal at the end of six-weeks is to have you fully empowered, through radical (but totally doable and painless) change.

Change can be scary...we know. But, this change isn’t. It is what you have been looking for and needing. Whatever your desires may be, confidence, weight loss, overcoming anxiety, building your dream career, making healthy, strong relationships, GGM has your back. Stop the repetitive cycles of trying, succeeding for a little bit, and then just going right back to where you began. Make a solid, permanent change with GGM. You are so deserving of it.


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