I along with many other people who are healers, who deal with people who have energetic problems, and who are victims of psychic attack, suffer from energy exhaustion. There are many reasons for this and I plan to list a few of them.

Healers are people who want to help others and many of them try to remove spirits, illnesses, and help with mental problems. You can do part of this for others but there comes a time when the people have to help themselves. The only way things will be changed is once the person does not feel like a victim but instead feels like they can deal with anything that tries to hurt them.

I have seen a trend in recent years of spirits and evil realizing and recognizing people who help others. Many psychic vampires will show up as clients because the spiritual energies of a healer are better tasting than a regular person. The first thing that happens with these people is they try to rush you, keep you answering conflicting or slightly insulting messages, and be needy. These people can be deadly to an inexperienced healer because they drain the abilities and life right out of the person.

People who are in paranormal research societies that do not use protective methods also will get drained by spirits. Every time they experience a cold touch or feel a spirit hit them or move through them the spirit can access their energies and drain them. Spirits use the energies to manifest and it does not matter if it is a friendly or angry spirit. They all drain life energy to exist.

All of these things will happen to normal people also who are not psychic or do not realize that they are psychic. Everyone can remember others who say they are exhausted and do not know why they feel that way. I hope to make people think about how they have these problems where they can help themselves.

Energy exhaustion happens because of three factors

1.Energy flow in the environment and where you work. Feng Shui gives examples of the right way to make the energies flow in your office, your home, and how buildings are placed. You may not be able to correct it completely but you can use remedies to help in your space. Herbs as an office plant also helps and so do crystals. The land can also be a problem and I am working on ways to balance and cleanse the land where people can help themselves.

2.Psychic vampires, spirits, psychic attack, healing others, will all contribute to exhaustion. All of these things add to energy exhaustion. Psychic vampires steal the good energies and leave the bad. I have written a great deal on them so will not go into many more details. Strengthening the aura and learning to stop the energy drains are the only way to go. I have many methods on my website to help with these problems.

Most people do not realize that friendly or unfriendly spirits and ghosts drain energies. Over time it will make you physically ill and they connect to you so strongly you start feeling their emotions. I believe in live and let live but the bedroom and other places should have herbs and a way where you will not be bothered during your sleep. I prefer to make a spirit free environment as it is the safest thing to do for you and your family.

Healing others and psychic attack comes under the same heading. You are healing others because they have problems. Every healer has to protect themselves so they do not take these problems into themselves. I have mentioned this in the Blockages in Healing articles.

3.Negative Emotions are the make or break of exhaustion plus the lack of affection, kind treatment, and manners of years gone past. People need love and affection and it is not common to find that in the United States at least. Nice people here seem to be the ones that the others stand on top of to get to the top. Workplaces are like demon central according to a few of my friends who say that everyone is out for themselves and willing to blame everyone else. You add the problems in the home, and the rest of the issues of today. You see an increasing number of people who are so off center that they end up with anxiety, fear, worries, anger and many other syndromes that did not exist as much during the years when we treated others better in our workplaces and home.

I have done remedies for most of these problems on my website but have to say that none of them are perfect. A combination of the different method that works for you is the best way to use the methods on my website. The only real remedy is to not let anyone else steal your happiness. I was really feeling drained one day as I had not had one single person be nice to me. I would be polite and all I would get is arguments, snapped at, and generally ignored. I was at the cashiers just feeling down when I looked up and saw the clerk. She looked right at me and said “Don’t let them steal your happiness.”

I thought how profound as that is what I was allowing everyone to do. They were miserable and they wanted me miserable also. I cheered up and gave her a big smile because someone else had seen what I was going through and given me a bit of kindness.

The question is why people feel they have the right to steal your happiness. My work is listening to others problems and helping them find solutions. I am a patient person but the moment I do not do what the client expects or do what they want me to do they take their problems out on someone else or I have them try to make me miserable. If they knew what they were doing they would not need me. So why the problems? It is a fact that in the world of today you do not see people trying to be kind to others.

Yet the one cure we can do is take responsibility for our actions. Healers should not take phone calls from people until they have protective shields in place. They should always wear protective oil especially if they use their hands for energy healing. They should use their guides and divine angels to seal the space between them and the client so they can not steal the healer’s happiness. They should cleanse the room between clients and they should be sure to have one day of rest.

Constant work drains any healer and they should take a rest of a day a week. I have nonstop worked because the client was in danger and have worn myself out where it will take a week or two for me to get back into health. It also drains you where you become ill. People do not see what healers see or know how hard of work it really is so you have to take care of yourself.

Tricks spirits use to drain energies are to walk through people in haunted places. Attach to people and touch people. Once this happens they are inside the person’s energy fields and can drain as much life energy as necessary to manifest. Anyone will feel drained and if the spirit likes you it will become a hitch hiker on you. I described this once as something the size of a child riding piggy back on someone. The person became upset because I compared it to a child. Yet it is about the same size and the energy tentacles are woven into the body through the zero point back of the neck chakra. The spirits can be a demon or a ghost but they are nasty and hard remove them.

A healer should always protect themselves or they become so polluted that they are worse than their own clients. A healer who is exhausted should take a rest from any difficult cases or not do any work at all. Now we come to what can be done when the very land the city is built on has problems. You seal your space and make it so that nothing can pass into it. You keep your own space right and you take the rest you need.

All of these things will make it so you have a healthier life. I hope to try to start a movement to make it so the people living in problem areas know how to help their own cities, and towns to recover. The energies of the world would be better and the amount of problems would drop. I hope to do this soon where I can find people of like minds to work with me. Helping the earth heal is helping us heal.

Many Native tribes believe how we treat the earth is how it treats us. The weird weather, the bad things happening should be a danger signal to every human being on earth.We are all interconnected and that includes in our actions and to the earth. The problems of today show our need to learn to remove negativity to remove problems with the economy and health issues.

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I am an expert in Exorcisms, Psychic Warfare, Soul Healing, Angelology,Demonology,Energy Healing, Long Distance Healing, Astral Healing, and much more. I have been on the web for over 10 years and am the original Astral Healer. I have a good reputation and have helped many people.

I am a published autor with my book Solving Psychic Attack being sold on Amazon and Weaving Dreams Publishing. I will be publishing a second book Sensible Spirituality on Amazon Kindle in Januuary. I have taught classes, and done many radio interviews so people can find the information to help themselves.