Apprenticeship Program Metaphysical Healing Coursework
Master Teacher, Healer-Intuitive Mark Earlix

First, you do not need any particular background in the Healing Arts with the exception of your desire to learn. So whether you are a novice a trained Reiki Healing Master, working in the energy healing field, medical practitioner, Mark's comprehensive Apprenticeship Energy Healing Coursework can be customized for you and your schedule.

Highlights of the Apprenticeship Program:
Practice: sensing spiritual fields
Develop: your natural intuitive abilities
Learn: to work with energy
Learn: non-touch and touch spiritual healing
Acquire: communication techniques for working with clients
Receive: spiritual exercises to increase your focus
Learn: to increase your spiritual sight

“Mark teaches his understanding of in-depth spiritual healing, intuition, abdominal release and many more aspects that any spiritual healer should know.”
Jill, Reiki Master and Practitioner for 11 years, Phoenix, AZ.

Apprenticeship Program: Level One
A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix.

Study includes several sessions studying alongside Mark for two -to- four days a week for a minimum of two weeks. Each day will be two -to- three hours of apprentice training.
The first half of course you will observe as Mark explains in depth what is happening with each client while he is working with them.

The second half of the course, you will begin your initial contact with the client as Mark observes with his guidance and direction of what is happening biologically, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually in the client’s bodily response.

There will be ample time for questions and philosophical understanding that pertains to healing and the use of the intuitive process.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Two
A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix.

As you have progressed in your studies and understandings you will be applying your skills with more direct contact with clientele.
Deeper philosophical understandings will be introduced to you. Mark will work with you personally with his healing abilities. You will also work on Mark and enhance your continued growth as a healer.

Ample discussion time will take place. The exchange of dialog will be tailored to your specific learning needs.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Three
A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix.

Fine tuning and individual attention for your growth as a Healer you will also learn the Ancient Abdominal Release Technique, a very powerful and restorative practice.
You will learn to spiritually and physically work with the cranium and the organs located within the pelvic and abdominal areas in this one-hour session. This Abdominal Release Technique is rarely know in the Western world today.

Costs for Apprenticeship Programs:
Level One: $500
Level Two: $500
Level Three: $500

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, you can pay for all three levels at the start and receive a 5% discount. Each level can be individually pre-paid. No level will be started until paid in-full.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes you do upon completion of your coursework.

What do you offer in Healing Studies?
The Apprenticeship Programs are designed for one -to- two people to study under me. This alone can lead into a deeper understanding of the more mystical approach in healing and its application. These understandings profoundly impact your ability to heal others and yourself whether you a beginner or an advanced healer.

I also offer opportunities for larger groups of three -to- fifteen people an Apprenticeship Program in their area. The time schedule would be more condensed with more hours and less days. Contact me for arrangements.

Previously certified and practiced Apprentices have pursued advanced training with me. I provide support and consulting as needed with my Apprentices. These Advanced Healing Programs are hand-tailored to your needs and level of expertise.

If you find a calling or interest in your life to pursue this study, personally contact me at:
Or Visit me at:

What Practitioners are saying about the Apprenticeship Program:

"Several years ago I was an apprentice of Mark in his healing program. His technique of teaching helps you to develop a deeper understanding of the healing process in yourself and others. One of the things I became aware of through Mark's teaching is the unique healing style we each carry. I was encouraged to explore my own path and fine tune what I’ve learned and am learning (the process is ever unfolding). It is through the Grace of God that healing takes place and Mark imparts this knowing without dogma or fanfare.

Mark also does public outreach with Healing Circles that anyone can attend. Both the Healing Circles and private appointments are well worth the experience, I found a great sense of peace and transformation as well as witnessing healing for many on both spiritual and physical levels. If you are looking for healing or a greater realization of your own healing path I strongly recommend Mark Earlix Spiritual Healer and Intuitive."
In the Light,
Rev. Sarah

I took Mark's coursework several years ago and although I feel that I do not meet Mark's skill level, I also know now how to take care of issues that bother me, whether emotional or physical, it is so easy to do. Of course it took me a while to get over myself and let the "energy" do the work. I recommend the Apprenticeship Program highly, whether you are a Energy Practitioner or not. I am not, yet the value it has given me in my life is immeasurable!"
Sophia D.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix is a Healer and Intuitive as well as an author of two books on Healing and several CD's.

His years of experience in healing others has spanned over 41 years.

Mark Earlix teaches his profound understandings of healing to others. All you need is a desire to learn.

Visit Mark Earlix at his webpage to learn more about this profound healer.