There have been energy saving lighting solutions on the market for a number of years now, but there is still a large number of homeowners who have held off changing over because they fear the expense of doing so. There are also other homeowners who have, as of yet, held off changing over to efficient lights because they question whether the fixtures are as energy saving as their manufacturer’s claim. It is time that these false beliefs and misconceptions were finally put to rest.

Whilst there can be no denying that changing over to energy saving lighting can be a little on the expensive side, it is important to look at this in terms of the bigger picture:

  • Fixtures that utilize energy efficient globes are proven to use up to 80% less power than their standard counterparts, which can save you a considerable amount on your future electricity bills.
  • Energy efficient lighting produces the same level of brightness and lights up just as fast as their standard counterparts, whilst only requiring a fraction of the same wattage to do so.
  • Energy efficient globes are known to last up to 12 times longer than traditional ones, saving you the hassle of having to replace them all the time and saving you money in purchasing replacements.
  • As energy efficient lighting has continued to grow in popularity, the cost to change over and to purchase replacement globes has dropped considerably. Whilst being efficient can still be considered an expensive venture, it is likely that prices will drop even further in the future.
  • Energy efficient globes can also help to reduce the amount of waste being dumped into landfill each year due to their extended lifespan. The number of traditional globes thrown out each year is said to be up around the 80 million mark.
  • Fixtures that utilize efficient globes help to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment and, with the carbon tax being introduced, it is important that everyone do their part.

Unfortunately, the decision to change over to energy saving lighting is a pretty contentious issue and it is unlikely that the debates surrounding its cost and its actual impact on the environment will end any time soon. If you are interested in helping your home to become more energy efficient and in doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions, you should consider switching over to energy saving fixtures today.

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This information about energy saving lighting is shared by Anne Mehla on behalf of Classic Lite. Classic Lite is well known for stylish wall lights and designer table lamps in Melbourne. They also offer wide range of high quality downlights and other indoor lighting.