Migration Agents and the lawyers come to great help in assisting people in their endeavour to apply for a visa. They would provide general information and would help in various legal matters.

How do the migration agents help?

For those who are migrating to Australia, a professional migration agent in Parramatta like elsewhere will help you in various ways:

  • They will provide advice on the most appropriate form of visa for use
  • They will help to fill up the visa application forms and other documents
  • They will help in the preparation of supporting documentation, and the information for the application
  • They will help you in submitting the applications and interacting with several relevant departments of the Australian Government on your behalf
  • Providing various advise and inputs regarding various complex immigration matters

Spotting a migration agent

In Australia, professional migration agents are needed to be legally registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) for providing immigration assistance services.

In case you have appointed a migration agent in your own country of residence, it is imperative to ensure they have the legal MARA registration as well. Alternatively, they need to meet the local laws and the registration requirements of your country of residence.

The Cost of appointing a Migration Agent

You can get into the MARA website to find the details of the average fees, which are charged by registered migration agents. Payable fees are generally determined between the client and the agent mutually and may differ from one client to another, depending upon the individual fees of the agents or the latter’s employer.

The obligations of the migration agents

As per the law and the professional obligations, the migration agents are supposed to:

  • Act professionally, and have a good knowledge of various migration laws, and carry out their duties in a timely and proper manner to meet the needs of their clients.
  • They should provide the clients with all the details of the costs involved, which include written confirmation
  • Keep their clients up to date, with all the processes, the applications, and the progress of the procedure.
  • Keep all the personal information of their client confidential
  • Follow the Code of Conduct of the migration agents.

The role of MARA in this..

MARA has the authority of investigating complaints about the migration advice and the assistance that is provided by an Employer-Sponsored Migration in Sydney, in regards to:

  • The quality of service
  • The advice provided
  • The fees charged.

Lawyers and the representatives

An immigration lawyer or the representative from various registered organisations also have the authority to help you in your migration efforts to Australia and in a wide spectrum of various migration-related matters.

Thus you see, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to looking for a professional migration agent in your mind to migrate to Sydney or elsewhere in Australia. As an individual looking for a particular type of visa, you must look for a reputed company that has been in this business for years.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an employer-sponsored migration agent in Parramatta, Sydney, and is also a regular blogger.