“If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, look in the mirror.”-Anonymous

We all have the immense power to change our lives by twisting our thoughts, attitude towards life, and regular practices a little. Looking for solutions outside never offers a permanent way out of any problem. Instead, it is through self-love and self-control that the best results can be realized.

As the world is going through a rough time with COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the lives medically, socially, and economically, now is the time when we need to take care of ourselves more than ever before. With the Corona Virus around, the norms of living the regular lifestyle have changed, and with a little care, we can stay safe and keep the disease miles away. So here in this article today, we, at JP International School, positioned among the Top Rated Schools in Greater Noida, would like to share with you some effective ways you can adopt to engage in self-care amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take Care of Your Health

Since your body offers the best solution to fight Corona Virus infection, take care of your physiological health without any fail. Here are some of the tips to keep your health good and immune system efficient:

  • Make your diet full of nutrition. Add as many fruits, vegetables, proteins, and vitamins as you can in your regular diet chart and ensure fortification of your body from the pathogens
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water every morning. This practice will keep your tracheal region out of infections.
  • Abstain eating junk food and switch to home-cooked food
  • Make sure that your regular diet chart contains food rich in Vitamin C
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated

Emotional Well Being is Necessary

Apart from the physical well being, mental health also plays a critical role in keeping your overall health in good condition. Some of the recent studies have revealed that owing to the changed and more restrictive methods of living, plenty of people are getting prone to mental health issues these days. So practice the following and keep your mental health fine amid the pandemic:

  • Stay away from the negative inputs of media
  • Talk to friends as frequently as possible over the phone
  • Listen to your favorite music, watch movies online, or read books that you love
  • Keep your mind engaged in constructive thoughts and practice looking at the brighter sides of the things

Abide by the Protocols

World Health Organization has already issued several guidelines for keeping the COVID-19 infection away. Here are some of the basic norms that you must follow religiously to stay aloof:

  • Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds each time you come back home from outside. Also, make sure that you always wash your hands before eating.
  • Keep your face covered with a mask whenever you go out of your house and do not put it off while speaking to the next person. Whenever you interact with other people, make sure to put on the mask.
  • Never forget to maintain social distancing in public places.

Opt for Remote Working as Far as Possible

Professionals cannot stay at home all the time, and for work, almost everyone goes out and interacts with others. However, if possible, opt for remote working schedules and avoid public mixing as much as possible.

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Many offices have already declared remote working facilities, and it is surely one of the best ways to stay away from catching the infection.

We at, School Greater Noida, believe that with the right efforts and meticulous execution of the standard norms, the pandemic can be battled down. After all, a community succeeds only when every individual invests the best of their efforts. And when each one of us pours in sincere efforts to keep ourselves healthy and fit, we actually contribute to the greater benefit of the entire society.