Making a career in one of the developed countries is an unfulfilled dream of many, the reasons for which are numerous, but the prime one being lack of English language knowledge. Yes! In order to acquire education in one of the English speaking developed countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the USA, one has to know the global language. Not just this, but so much is the significance of knowing the language that for entry to renowned universities, one is required to pass the IELTS test that measures the language proficiency by assessing listening, reading, writing and speaking ability.

And since this test checks the knowledge of the language in just three hours, most people who are not good with the language fail to pass it and hence lose the chance of a brighter future in advance countries. For all those dreamers who aspire to do big in their future, this test can be a hindrance, but not when they get hold of the language.

The best way to learn the English language is by doing online English listening. This might make you ponder over the fact that when course books for the test are available then why online listening? Well, course material is essential, but what is more important here is to have a thorough grip on the language, which can be gained by listening to it. Now, if you ask what role has listening got here, we’ll say listening should be considered because:

1. Listening is the very basic step of learning any language, which is evident from the fact that a child learns speaking only after he grasps the words spoken to him.

2. IELTS test which is of two types: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training has listening as one of the main components.

In the listening round, the student has to listen to 4 recordings, but that’s not all, the main twist in the story here is that the speaker in the recordings is a native speaker whose accent is entirely different from that of the student.

Now, if the student is not used to hearing the language often, he/she will find it difficult to recognize the words spoken and more so, because he/she will already be under the pressure of completing the listening, reading, writing and speaking parts in less than three hours.

But, if he/she has had good practice in online English listening, he/she will not just attain high scores in all the four rounds of listening, but with the better understanding of the pronunciation of most of the words, he/she will be able to speak English fluently in the speaking round as well.

So, the first step towards making it big in developed countries starts in your own country, and in your own home with online English listening. Start your journey of learning English today, by enrolling yourself in any of the English audio lessons. Bon Voyage!

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