Costa Rica is an amazing place for nature lovers. Great beaches, amazing weather, various species of flora and fauna, and some jaw droppingly beautiful scenery is what makes this place so amazing. However, with this popularity Costa Rica is now paying a hefty price if we didn´t take care of the vistor´s actions. As the number of people coming here increases, more resources are required to sustain them Tourism industry which thrives upon the natural beauty of Costa Rica. It is in a way killing it.

But, ecotourism is a great way of making sure that Costa Rica does not lose any of its natural glamour. Now, Cost Rica has become the leading country when it comes to ecotourism and enjoys tremendous success. This small country which accounts for about 0.3% of the total land area on earth has 5% of the total biodiversity found in the world. You will find more species birds than the USA and has more species of butterflies than the entire African continent. These are the aspects which make Costa Rica ecotourism so great. You will find that Costa Rica has over 13,000 species of plants, 2000 species of moths and 4,500 species of butterfly. Also, there are about 870 species of birds, over 200 types of reptiles and 1600 types of saltwater and fresh water fishes.


The landscape of the country is as varied as the wildlife. You will find a lot of different types of forests in the country. There are mangrove swamps, deciduous forests, clod forests, rain forests and palm groves to name a few. Costa Rica is also a home to various volcanoes some of which are active as well. The thermal springs formed by these volcanoes are also very popular amongst the tourists. Those who like excavation and exploration of old sites will also be happy. There are pre-Columbian settlements and deep caves present.  The country has 22 national parks, 12 biological reserves, over 25 protected zones, several forest reserves, and all of them combined cover over quarter of the country. All those features among others, makes this country a great destination for lovers, imagine a Costa Rica Honeymoon.experience!

Costa Rica eco tourism has always been very popular and the country is known as the developer of eco tourism. There are various ecolodges that allow you to enjoy the grandeur of this great place. Even though most of the popular spots in the country are now run over by tourists, you only have to explore slightly more to find out natural wonders this place is famous for. But, that doesn´t mean you can´t get a Luxury Villa Rental, no, because we have many luxury, safe and clean options, eco-tourism doesn´t mean be inmerse of the jungle without any facilitie, no, and you can find many options to get satisfaction in this wonderfull country.

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If you wan healt all your body what you need is travel to Costa Rica. On this wonderfull paradise you could experience the real ecotourism but that doesn´t mean you will be in middle the jungle without any facilitie, no, you could experience an eco-travel in a luxury villa rental or get a wonderfull honeymoon in Costa Rica, and everything taking care of the environment.

Costa Rica cures everything because you will be inmerse in a very different way of life, inmerse in nature and friendly people, sorrounded by natural sounds, sea, waterfalls and rivers... that will really improve your healt.

Como to Costa Rica and get a new and different experience!