Erectile dysfunction in young people is a common health condition, and various treatments can help restore their sex life to normal.

Impotence in young men

In the language of lay people, erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability of a man achieve an erection, which is sufficient enough to satisfy seksualnoezhelanie. ED is also known as “impotence” and the condition of gradual complication severity and consequences of the disease. For example, some people who suffer from this disease are simply not able to achieve an erection, and some of it, but it is not sufficient for penetration. In some cases a person may enter, but eventually lose it (supports only brief erections). All these scenarios are associated with symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes this inability to satisfy the sexual needs of men becomes a powerful cause of depression, relationship problems and causes a negative self-esteem. Causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction can be summarized as follows.

Erectile dysfunction in young men: the causes

The process of male sexual arousal is a complex system. It is associated with the brain, hormones, emotions, and any failure in any of these systems can damage the delicate balance between their work and cause erectile dysfunction. Factors responsible for causing this disease, need not be psychological in nature. There are reasons, the source of which may have certain medical conditions and side effects of drugs.

Erectile dysfunction in young people and middle-aged men (35 +) can be caused by heart disease, atherosclerosis (involving fatty deposits inside artery walls that narrows the arteries), high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and sometimes the metabolic syndrome. Along with this, erectile dysfunction in young males, may result from the use of certain medications, tobacco, alcohol or drug addiction, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Prostate cancer, surgery or trauma, which affected the pelvic area or spinal cord, can also cause erectile dysfunction. Hormonal disorders such as low testosterone (hypogonadism), and Peyronie’s disease are also the causes of erectile dysfunction in young people, middle-aged men and elderly people.

As previously mentioned, the thoughts and emotions (psychological factors) are key elements in obtaining an erection. Men (namely young people, teenagers) are often subject to problems with erectile dysfunction due to anxiety, nervousness or inexperience (fear of sex for the first time). It also includes the fear and anxiety pregnancy partner, and sometimes even using a condom. Research among young men showed that after they try to put on a condom, they somehow lose their erection.

Of all the factors that play a significant role in sexual arousal, the brain responsible for decoding the physical phenomena that cause erections. Interference of such things as fatigue, depression or stress are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. Problems in romantic relationships or family life or even the poor communication between partners also reduce sexual desire, and sometimes even erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction: treatment

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men include different types of methods that range from drugs and mechanical devices to operations, and psychological counseling. Treatment depends on the severity and causes of sexual disorders.

Erectile dysfunction in young and elderly men due to impaired blood flow in the cavernous bodies and this leads to an inability to achieve erection. Therefore, one method of treatment involves the use of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors, which increase the effect of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes muscles and increases blood flow, which ultimately causes an erection with sexual stimulation (physical and psychological). Some of these drugs: Viagra sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil, Cialis (Cialis) and vardenafil Levitra (Levitra).

However, before opting for these medications, it is better to see a doctor as in connection with their use can have serious consequences. This is because these drugs are not suitable for all people.

Therapy with injections – interuteralnaya therapy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is also recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As mentioned earlier, mechanical devices are also used to achieve an erection. Some of them are: narrowing of the ring, vacuum penis enlarger, semi-rigid penile prosthesis and the inflatable penile prosthesis. In some cases, people may decide to vascular surgery to implant penile arterial surgery. In cases where the cause of erectile dysfunction in young people are the psychological factors, the victim and his partner may be invited to regular visits to sex therapist.

Thus, we see that the causes of erectile dysfunction in young people and men of all ages have their roots spread in a variety of factors. That is why there are several treatment options for this disorder. A healthy lifestyle is also providing effective treatment, as well as participation in the treatment of the patient’s partner.

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